Mediumship and Healing Development Classes with Tina

Weekly Class:

Mediumship & Healing Development

with Tina Orfanos

When : 



7:00PM – 9:00PM


Tina Orfanos


$30 per person


$280 for 12 classes


0416 889 674

If you are wondering if you’re ready…you are ready!

If you are seeing other mediums read for you and you think to yourself, I think that I can do this (Usually it’s Spirit giving you a nudge)

If you’ve had challenging circumstances, you are sensitive to energy and your core (soul) is asking you to work on a mediumship level….you are ready

Being a Medium is not something you choose, Spirit Chooses You.

If you have been able to see, sense, heal, smell, taste Spirit….guess what you are Ready!!

You are Ready!

The love of Spirit is so intense and when strange coincidences start to happen in your home, increased Spiritual Activity, bangs in the night, children seeing things, your life is a bit up and down, you are going through upheaval, or a dark night of the soul you are ready.

Before we are ready to practice as a professional Spirit starts to talk through us, they start to nudge us.

This Circle is not just for beginners but for working mediums as well wanting to practice.

What do we learn?

  • Opening and Closing to Spirit
  • Protections
  • Disciplines
  • Trance
  • Practice readings and Healings
  • This is a circle for all practitioners or who want to be practicing Mediumship, readings, healings, gridding, trance, platform work and spiritual development with an emphasis on learning how to read and heal and of course that doesn’t come without Spiritual Development.

About Tina:

Tina will be your facilitator for the course of 12 weeks, she is a Soul Reader, Medium, Healer, and Metaphysics Teacher she has enhanced her natural gifts by sitting with some world renowned teachers, such as Doreen Virtue, Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Caroline Myss, and many others, she believes that we develop in all areas of our lives when we start sitting in circle. Her classes are inspiring, motivational, awakening and so much fun. Get in Touch to learn more.