Crystal Alchemy: Reiki & Crystal Healing

3 Day Course:

Crystal Alchemy: Reiki & Crystal Healing

with Manjit Mieszkowski


March 17, 23 & 24


10:30AM – 5:00PM




Qi Healing Centre

745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Manjit Mieszkowski 

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A three-day intensive certified crystal and reiki course created to provide you with skills, tools, techniques and knowledge on crystal healing, crystal gridding, sacred space and reiki level I & II energy healing.

You will gain an understanding on how to connect to crystals, how to use them to balance, energetically heal and ascend as well as combining crystals with reiki healing.

THE COURSE: Reiki Level I & II and Crystal Healing

1. History of Usui Reiki.
2. Reiki Attunement.
3. Reiki and Self Healing.
4. Chakras and Crystals.
5. Crystal Shapes.
6. Choosing Crystals.
7. Connecting to Crystals.
8. Programming Crystals.
9. Crystal Care

10. Reiki Attunement.
11. Reiki & Symbols.
12. Crystal Gridding & Sacred Geometric Shapes.
13. Intuitively Creating Crystal Grids.
14. Activating Crystal Grids.
15. Sacred Space & Crystals.

16. Reiki Attunement.
17. Reiki Healing.
18. Crystal Healing.
19. Combining Reiki and Crystals in a healing.
20. Grounding Methods
21. Preparing your Space.
22. Do’s and Don’ts in healings.


1. HEALING CRYSTAL STARTER PACK – 27 crystals – worth $175.
2. ATTUNEMENTS – 3 attunements to the reiki and crystal frequency.
3. CERTIFICATE – upon completion of the three day course.
4. MANUAL – a comprehensive manual.
5. EXPERIENCED FACILITATOR – openly sharing information.
6. MEDITATIONS – participation in crystal and accession meditations.
7. TREATS & TEAS – Complimentary raw treats and herbal teas.
8. CONNECTION – quality time meeting new friends and like-minded souls.
9. MAGIC – additional information will be provided depending upon the group’s energetic needs.
10. PRACTICAL – a chance to practice what you have learnt.

As with all healing workshops, please ensure you take time out after the workshop to rest, nurture yourself and integrate the new energy frequencies.

BOOKINGS: Max 10 participants – purchase your ticket to secure your space.

PAYMENTS: PART PAYMENT options are available – please contact or message Manjit directly.

At least 30 days before the start of the event: 100% refund
Less than 30 but at least 14 days: 75% refund
Less than 14 days: 50% refund
On or after the start date: Sorry, no refund
All refunds are made back onto the card used at purchase.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Manjit at Tranquility Crystals via messenger, email, phone or on our contact form.
0411 496 990 / 03 9830 0694


Manjit is a multi-faceted energy therapist, she has a strong will and is passionate about energy, crystals, soul purpose and that we each have a infinite amount of wisdom, power and energy within us.

She is on a mission to remind people of their true divine essence and power. She does this through creating energetically activated products, high vibrational workshops, sacred retreats and through energy healing.

She provides tools and techniques that enable participants to continue their learning outside of the workshop. Manjit openly shares her knowledge and wisdom and encourages participants to reconnect to their inner knowing, intuition and wisdom.

Manjit’s knowledge and wisdom of crystals, energy and the sacred feminine comes from learning from renowned teachers but also through many years of reconnecting to herself with the assistance of mentors. Through this process she has been able to awaken and reconnect to her own innate knowledge, wisdom, power and divine essence, sharing it with others with ease.

Manjit uses crystals, plants and energy medicine in many facets of her life. She beautifully entwines combines her knowledge and experience of energy to create balance and bring forth the energy required to move forward.

All Manjit’s workshops operate within a safe and sacred space, allowing participants to explore and reconnect to energy freely, if participants are triggered, Manjit is available for guidance and where appropriate offers healing sessions. Manjit works intuitively and therefore there is always a little extra magic added to her workshops.


  • Soul Realignment – Practitioner
  • Sekhem Seichim Master – Practitioner
  • Reiki Healing Master – Practitioner + Teacher
  • Sirian Alchemy – Level I & II – Practitioner
  • Pellowah Healing Levels I & II – Practitioner
  • Crystal Awakening Intensive Levels I & II – Practitioner
  • Certified Crystal Reader – Practitioner
  • Yoga Teacher Training – Prahran AYA
  • Bachelor of Honours in Law & Management