Reconnecting you with your feminine flow with Sharon Sztar


Reconnecting with your feminine flow

‘Transforming your menstrual cycle from a curse to a blessing’

with Sharon Sztar


March 15


10:00AM – 4:00PM




Qi Healing Centre

745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Sharon Sztar

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0411 206 830

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I only first truly appreciated the importance of my cyclic nature as a woman at the age of 40. Yet, with it, my entire life and health changed.

What I discovered during this time came with a mix of awe, excitement and sadness. Awe for what we as women are gifted with; excitement for the possibilities in life it gives us; sadness for the fact I was never taught this earlier.

From there on my mission has been to pass on this wisdom to women of all ages.

Join me for a one-day workshop where you’ll begin to reclaim your womb and menstrual health and develop a new relationship with your womanhood.

Together we’ll explore:

  • the facts, myths, mystique and power of your monthly cycle
  • why having a period is good for your health and how being on hormonal contraception impacts both your cycle and your health
  • the ‘four seasons’ of your monthly cycle, including food, movement and lifestyle practices to support each week so as to optimise your overall wellbeing
  • ways to embrace the things you don’t like about having a period and understanding the source of your menstrual difficulties
  • nurturing rituals that connect you with your womanly body, the moon and nature.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • find menstruation challenging, painful or annoying;
  • are currently on hormonal birth control;
  • have lost your periods or struggling with infertility;
  • simply just want to connect in deeper with your innate womanly nature.


“I thought I was alone in how little I knew about my womb and femininity until I came to your workshop and found out everyone in the room was in the same boat! Yet we all left armed with much more knowledge and with greater confidence in our female form because of your passion in teaching women about the one thing we all have in common.” Franca

“I plan on definitely following the moon cycles long after the course finishes. Your guidance has stirred the feminine side of me that has been asleep for some time. The learnings you have brought to my life are priceless, not just for me, for all the women & girls in my life.” –Irini

“This session with you has created a big shift in how I feel about my womb & womanhood. Very surprising! I didn’t expect such a shift.” Janelle

About Sharon: 

For 15 years I skipped my periods. My real ones that was. Like 33.6% of Australian women I was on the contraceptive pill. I never really knew what it was like to bleed naturally until I was 32. Actually, I never really knew or cared that I wasn’t bleeding naturally.

Fast forward a few years and due to a chronic illness and the subsequent loss of my periods for two years, I was finally given a chance to see the blessing in our monthly menses. For me to see its link to my womanhood and health. I honestly missed my periods! In working to get my cycle back I started to get to know my womb; her magic, her mystique, her power and her vulnerability.

Ex-corporate Marketing & Communications Executive, now working as a Women’s Wellness Educator, Embodiment Mentor, certified STM Teacher & Writer, my passion lies in sharing what I discovered on my journey and gifting women with the space to find their own healing path home. My work provides an oasis and panacea to 21st modern living.