Colour Vibration & The Chakras

One way to begin working with crystals energetically, is to correlate the colours of crystals to each of the chakras (energy centres) within the body. Many cultures have a shared belief that we are beings of light/energy, and that we have chakras (or major and minor energy conduits/centres) in specific places within our bodies. 

Our eyes and mind perceive colour as being something solid and tangible, when, in fact, all the colours we see are an expression of pure energy & light and a dance of atoms constantly in flux.

In crystals we see the full spectrum of nature’s colours. Since the earliest of times, many crystals have been ground down for use as pigments and stains.

We suggest picking a crystal within a colour range corresponding to a chakra you would like to work on, before reading too much about the crystal’s reputed healing properties, as this allows intuition to lead over intellect.


Red = Root Chakra: ‘I Am’ Relates to connection to physical reality, survival, vitality, matter, grounding, and the body.

Orange = Sacral Chakra: ‘I Feel’ Relates to emotions, pleasure, sensuality, sensation, clairsentience, nurturance, creativity, need, and ability to receive.

Yellow = Solar Plexus Chakra: ‘I Do’ Relates to self-esteem, pro-activity, power, transformation, will, individualism, and fire energy.

Green = Heart Chakra: ‘I Love’ Relates to self-acceptance, intimacy, compassion, empathy, unity, affinity, Eros/Thanatos, devotion, and self-reflection.

Blue = Throat Chakra: ‘I Speak’ Relates to communication, sound, inner truth, telepathy, creativity, resonance, and the etheric body.

Indigo = Third Eye Chakra: ‘I See’ Relates to clairvoyance, vision, imagination, dreams, and transcendence.

Purple/Clear = Crown Chakra: ‘I Understand’ Relates to the Divine, higher power, awareness, universal knowing, unity, and intelligence.