Programming, Gridding & Gem Elixirs.

Programming Crystals:

Sitting in a clear and centred state, tune into your crystal. At first you may like to listen to your crystal. Thoughts, impressions, or a sense of knowing may come to you, or they may not. When you feel like the time is right, you may ask the crystal to work with you towards a specific goal. Try to be as specific as possible. You can always cleanse your crystal and re-dedicate it once you have reached that goal, or when your intentions change. Keep the crystal with you as a reminder of your objective, or make a special time each day to sit with it. Clear your mind and connect, or tune in, to it. Alternatively, you may like to create an altar or special place to display your crystal. Surround it with images or other objects that also represent what you are hoping to achieve. If you are wanting to bring something into being, try lighting a candle or place living things (such as plants) nearby. It is about bringing energy in, to support your intentions.

Gridding with Crystals:

If you place crystals in a particular place, or arrange them in a particular pattern, whilst holding a specific intention in your mind, then you are ‘Gridding.’ Some people like to place crystals at the entry points of their home to provide protection, or to ward off negative energy from the outside world or a busy road. Others will arrange crystals with the clear intention of improving the flow of energy in their environment, to bring about more harmony or abundance, or to clear stagnant energy. Again, there are no rules about which crystals are best for this purpose. It is about trusting yourself and performing the ritual placement of crystals with strong intention.

Gem Essences/Crystal Elixers:

It is possible to distill the vibration or your crystal/s into either water or oil. This can be used as a tincture, either taken orally or applied topically to the skin. If you are wanting your crystal/s to have a physical effect, this is a powerful way to best utilise your crystal’s healing properties.

Please keep in mind that some stones are porous and can contain toxic elements, such as arsenic. For this reason, it is important to know about stones; chemically and structurally. Alternatively, you may consider using a foolproof method to create your tincture:

Because you are wanting to transfer the vibration of the crystal into the oil or water, it is not necessary for the crystal to come into direct contact with the water or oil. Simply place a smaller glass bowl inside a larger glass bowl. Then place the crystal inside the smaller bowl, and the oil or water in the larger bowl. You can safely leave this overnight. This method allows you to drink the water and use the oil safely, regardless of which crystals you have chosen to work with.

Many people like to use the gravitational pull of the moon to add to, or enhance, the properties of their elixirs. If you are familiar with Astrology, there may be particular astrological configurations to help with specific areas of your health or well-being. However, as a general rule, if you are wanting to bring something into being, you would use the gravitational force of the full moon to help strengthen this intention to manifest something. Likewise, the gravitational pull of the dark moon can help boost the strength of elixirs that are made with the intention to clear or release something that is no longer serving you.