Cleansing your Crystals:

From time to time you may want to perform a ritual to cleanse or charge your crystals. Traditionally these rituals are undertaken in accordance with the cycles of the moon, as it is believed that the gravitational pull of the moon enhances the desired outcome, and the individual’s intention for the ritual. The full moon is recognised as having an energising, or charging, effect, whilst the dark moon has a drawing, or cleansing, effect. Whilst the full moon / dark moon cycles are believed to be the most auspicious times to charge or cleanse your crystals, you may perform these rituals as the need arises. For example, healers may cleanse between clients. It is not necessary to put crystals ‘out’ in the moon as the gravitational pull of the moon affects us no matter where we are, both inside and outdoors.

Essentially, you can cleanse or charge your crystals whenever you feel it is required. Chances are that if you are going through a hard time, then your crystals will need to be cleansed and charged more often.

There are many different ways to cleanse or charge crystals, and no one method is more effective than another. It is most important to find a method that feels right to you. These rituals will be most effective when they are carried out with strong intention, and therefore it is important that your ritual reflects your beliefs and feels right to you.

Whilst many stones can safely be cleansed with water, e.g. Chalcedony (Agates & Jaspers) and Rock Crystal (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, etc.), it is not a method we recommend unless you know about the stones, chemically and structurally. Over time, water (especially salt water) will harm many crystals by weakening the physical structure, or by altering the chemical composition. Even if the stone you are working with is non-porous, water will leave a film on your crystals over time, making them look dull. For the same reasons, we do not recommend cleansing crystals in sunlight. It is very harsh, and it can bleach and dry out some stones.

Safe Ways to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals:

Sound Vibration

Using sound vibration to cleanse or charge your crystals is a quick, no fuss, and effective method. Any musical instrument, including the human voice, can be used. Simply let the sound (vibration) move through the crystal, with the intention of cleansing or charging your crystals. It is easy to cleanse or charge a large number of crystals all at once. Lay them out on a table, and sing or play your instrument over them.


Smoking rituals have been performed since the dawn of time and are another quick and easy way to cleanse or charge crystals. Any type of smoke can be used, e.g. white sage, sandalwood, palo santo, incense, or natural resins, such as frankincense or amber. Simply place or hold the crystals in the path of the smoke with the intention of cleansing or charging.


Light a candle and place it in the middle of your crystals. With the intention of cleansing or charging, picture pure white light emanating from the candle and passing through the crystals. Sit in a clear and centred state, tune into your crystal, and simply ask it to clear or charge, depending on what you feel is needed.

Using Other Crystals

It is said that larger crystals generate energy rather than storing or collecting energy, which smaller crystals tend to do. Therefore, they are better suited to cleansing and charging other crystals. Larger crystal caves, clusters, and generators are said to be the best types of crystals for this purpose. You may want to program or dedicate your larger crystal to this purpose before assigning or programming it. Simply place your crystals and/or jewellery on or around your ‘cleansing/charging stone’ with either intention in mind. Leave overnight or for as long as you feel is required.