At an atomic level, crystals are the most perfect arrangements of energy/matter that we know of. For this reason, they display the straightest lines and the most perfect geometric shapes that we see anywhere in nature.

The crystal lattice is also unique in its ability to store, transmit and in some cases even amplify energy; making them a vital component in almost every piece of technology you can think of including computers, mobile phones, satellites, televisions, lasers, and more!


Historically, crystals are useful tools and have been integral to our survival and the development of our civilisations. Almost every culture shares a long-held belief in their ability to store and transmit energy also makes them powerful tools for healing.


Although, science is going a long way towards proving that each crystal emits a unique energy sequence, or vibration; not enough research has been done yet to conclusively say that a particular stone will have a desired effect or live up to its reputation in specific instances or in each person.

Like us, no two crystals are the same. Therefore, it makes sense that each crystal will relate to and affect each of us differently. Even two pieces of the same stone can look and ‘feel’ quite different. So, no matter what you read or what someone else tells you about a crystal, be open to exploring this new, unique relationship for yourself.

Some days you maybe drawn to a particular specimen over others, whilst at other times it may feel right to work with multiple crystals at the same time. You may even have days when you do not want to work with any of them, and that is fine too. It can be interesting at first to work with them one at a time and to keep a journal of your observations so that you can try to isolate how each of them is affecting you. Even with this simple practice of tuning into our own response, crystals call us to become more self-aware and conscious of our connection to all things.

Because of their perfect atomic structure, crystals are relatively stable when compared to our own bodies and some people believe that by meeting this high vibrational frequency our own energy field raises to meet it and/or that we are reminded of our own correct functioning frequency. When used as personal talismans for healing, crystals will have an effect if they are placed within our auric field or within an arm’s reach of the body. In this way, the crystal’s energy and ours come together so that they can work their magic on us, be it physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

Obviously wearing them as jewellery or talismans is an easy way of keeping crystals on you and within your energy field. There is a healing tradition or art called the ‘laying on of stones’ that places a variety of intuitively chosen crystals in a grid or pattern directly on and around the body to manipulate one’s energy field. The set intention of the healing is to clear energy blockages and bring about a desired healing or spiritual outcome. In the same way crystals can be placed directly on the Chakras or one’s energy centres with intention to clear and align.

It is well recognised that crystals can store, transmit and in some cases amplify energy. In the same way, some people also believe that they can also store thoughts and intentions. Therefore, some people like to ask, dedicate, or program their crystals to serve them, or work with them, in a particular way, or for a specific purpose. Once programmed, the crystal is believed to channel and focus that energy or dedication to help them to reach their goal or bring about a desired outcome.

In the same way, some people also feel that crystals can pick up and store impressions from others who may have handled them. For this reason, some people will always cleanse them prior to working with them. Other people will only cleanse a crystal when they feel like it needs it. Again, there is no right or wrong with this, it is simply what feels right or best works for you.


Crystals have long been incorporated into energy healing. White light, Reiki, or Pranic energy is directed through the crystal with the belief that the crystal will channel and amplify the healing energy, while the tip of the crystal serves to focus the energy into a tight beam. In this way crystals are used as energetic surgical tools to cut energy blockages out of the body. Often working over the Chakras, or directly over the injury or ailment.

In recent times the art of ‘gridding’ has once again become popular. By placing crystals with a specific intention in a formation or in a grid on your land, or around your home or workplace, it is possible to create a larger energy field to best manipulate and direct the energy within your space. In this way they can be used to balance and enhance the energy within your environment.