The process of choosing crystals can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing. At Qi, we recommend letting go of the intellect and letting intuition be your guide. Over the years, we have put together the following guide to answer commonly asked questions about choosing a crystal:

How do you choose a crystal?

It is best to choose crystals when you have plenty of time, and when you are in a clear and centred state.

Each piece of each stone is just as unique as each of us: no two pieces are exactly the same. For this reason, each piece relates to each of us differently, regardless of what claims have been made about a crystal. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a stone that feels ‘right’ to you.

If you are unsure of which crystal is right for you, it is helpful to bring your awareness into your body. Pick up different crystals and listen to your body’s response. Some people get a warm or tingly sensation in their hand as they hold different crystals. For some people, selecting a crystal is a visual thing. They may choose the first one that leaps out at them, or the one that they keep going back to. Other people may feel their mood shift when choosing a crystal, which may or may not be a pleasant experience. Crystals can bring emotions or memories to the surface in order to assist us in clearing blockages, or to deepen our understanding.

You may experience something different from these examples, however, when you find crystals that are resonating with you, you should experience a sense of ‘knowing,’ or some sort of connection with the stone. If you are unsure or indifferent, it is probably not the crystal for you.

How do you choose a crystal for somebody else, or for a particular purpose?

If you are selecting a stone for a particular purpose, it may be valuable to hold that intention in your awareness as you choose a stone. Using this approach, it is also possible to choose a crystal for someone else. Keep the person and your intention for them in your awareness as you select the the crystal.

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How do you choose a crystal over the internet?

When choosing a stone over the internet, sit and meditate on the image in front of you, or close your eyes and visualise the piece. Try to get a feeling sense of the piece, in the same way you would if you were holding it. Listen to your body’s response. Do you feel a connection with it? Or is it hard to tune into or connect with? Again, you should have a sense of ‘knowing’ that the piece ‘feels’ right.

Is one crystal more powerful or better than another?

To date, it has not been established that one stone is more ‘powerful’ than another, or that bigger is better. Nor do we know if polished is preferable to the stone being left in its natural state. Likewise, we are yet to establish if one stone performs a particular function better than another. With much more research required, in our opinion, it is simply a matter of trusting yourself and being open to receiving whatever the stone has to offer. You may find it useful to keep a journal, or make a note of your experiences, so that you can clearly see what effect each stone is having.

In order for crystals to affect us, they must be placed within arm’s length of our bodies. This allows the crystal’s energy and ours to interact. The exact effect may vary from day to day, depending on what we are feeling or need at a given time. It is believed that larger energy fields can be created within the environment, home, or workplace. This is achieved by placing stones in specific formations and grids, using intention.

Some people keep a bowl of stones by the front door or on their bedside table. Depending on what they feel they need each day, these people will select one or more of these stones to carry on their person. Others will place stones at entry points to the home or office, or along the side of the house that faces a busy road.

Crystals can be used to store, clear, balance, harmonize, and manipulate energy, both within and around us. If a stone that you have been attracted to suddenly doesn’t feel right, trust that. You may find that you come back to it at a later time when it is needed.