Crystals are the most perfect arrangement of matter that we know of. For this reason, they are the straightest lines and the most perfect geometric shapes that we see anywhere in nature. The crystal lattice is a perfect conduit for energy, making these natural wonders powerful tools for channeling energy, and for healing.

Like us, no two crystals are the same. Each crystal has a unique energy sequence, or aura. When used as personal talismans for healing, they have an effect as long as they are placed within our auric field. In this way, the crystal’s energy and ours come together so that they can work their magic on us, be it physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

By placing crystals in a grid on your land, or around your home or workplace, it is possible to create a larger energy field in order to balance and enhance the energy in your environment.

No matter what you read about a crystal or what someone else tells you about a crystal, be open to exploring this new, unique relationship, as each crystal will affect each of us differently. Even from day to day, be open to receiving and exploring your own relationship with your crystals. Some days you may be drawn to particular specimens over others, whilst at other times it may feel right to work with multiple crystals at the same time. You may even have days when you don’t want to work with any of them, and that’s fine too. Even in this simple practice of tuning into our own response, crystals call us to become more self aware and conscious of our connection to all things.

It is well recognised that crystals can store and transmit energy, and some people also believe that they can store thoughts and intentions. Therefore, some people like to ask, dedicate, or program their crystals to serve them, or work with them, in a particular way, or for a specific purpose.

In the same way, some people also feel that crystals can pick up and store impressions from others who may have handled them. For this reason, some people will always cleanse their crystals prior to working with them. Other people will only cleanse a crystal when they feel like it needs it. There is no right or wrong, it is simply what feels right to you.