Incense Sticks: HEM Meditation


Meditation: Notes of sweet woody scents. Use to set sacred space for inner peace and clarity. 

Hem is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Incense Sticks across the world. Hem enjoys a good reputation because of its excellent quality and wide variety.


  • Light the tip of the incense stick until it glows red, then blow out the flame & insert the end of the stick in a heat resistant receptacle. Keep burning incense away from children. Make sure ashes fall on fireproof surfaces. Not for human consumption. No animal testing.

How HEM Incense is made:

These days incense sticks are made from bamboo sticks (dyed yellow). If you find someone making a claim as to the stick are made up of sandalwood or any other blanks, they are not being honest. As an incense maker we cannot find sources for sandalwood stick based blanks we directly purchase from sources. The incense placed on sticks, the myriad of scents is incredible!

Dhoop incense is of two types they are scented or masala dhoop. These are normally made by creating the best mixture of essential oils, barks, flowers, resins and they are worked into a tar like roll, or they are just blended together. Then the charcoal is added so that blending of all the mixture takes in the proper formation. The combination of all these creates an amazing and pleasant aromatic smell.

Creation of incense is a sacred art and the method to create them comes through a constant passion and dedication to deliver best fragrance for our senses.

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