Cleansing Kit: Small Smudgestick, Palo Santo & Selenite Crystal


Selenite is intrinsically cleansing and can be use with White Sage and Palo Santo to enhance your cleansing ritual.

We believe that the ancient tradition of smudging should be respected and passed on with the knowledge and understanding of how these sacred items work. A detailed instruction sheet will be included with your sage. Our premium white sage grows on the rugged mountains of the Pacific coast of the USA, where wildlife roams free and natural quartz and gold deposits lie hidden among the land. But although our sage grows in its natural habitat, it’s cultivated organically on beautiful private property and never ‘wild harvested’. Every sage bundle we create is hand-picked from choice specimens, hand-tied with natural cotton rope and carefully packaged to arrive safely at your doorstep. For a more powerful effect, our sage is always fresh and bundled with more leaves and fewer stems.

Palo Santo (‘ Holy Wood’) is harvested from Busera Graveolens tree 5-8 years after its natural fall. It is found abundantly in the Americas. Related to the Frankincense plant, Palo Santo is used for smudging and setting sacred space. Our Palo Santo is sustainably sourced from plantations, and not from wild stock.

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