Life Navigator Deck by Jane Delaford Taylor


Activate your ability to react in a positive, creative, and dynamic way with illustrations and affirmations that enable the mind to tap into the truth, bypass consciousness, and evoke a response at a deeper level of being. These cards offer a quick way to apply positive programming in daily life.

Who couldn’t do with the occasional positive nudge, a fresh impulse for our life journey? Whether we are navigating tumultuous eddies or paddling in still water, this set of inspirational cards offers guidance and new perspectives for our day. The cards focus on empowering us, encouraging us to trust in our own innate abilities to handle life in a truly positive, creative and dynamic way.

The pack can be dipped into for instant inspiration as each card contains one idea with the text beautifully supported by well-chosen artwork. This allows the mind to ‘key in’ to the truth via both text and imagery–a very powerful way of learning, since art bypasses the conscious mind and evokes a response at the deeper levels of our being, thus adding an extra dimension to our understanding. A quick and easy way to help yourself to some positive programming! If you are ready to step into your own power, and use it mindfully and effectively, you will want to use this set!

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