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Business Philosophy

We are inspired by the belief that we make a genuine contribution to our staff, our practitioners, our customers, our broader community, and the world. For us, this is about about consciousness: genuinely caring for each other, the community we live in, and the planet, by making considered, thoughtful decisions every step of the way. Does what we offer have a positive impact? Is the way we go about delivering what we offer mindful of the environment? Do we offer genuine, tangible benefits to our clients? These questions have led us to provide a safe and rewarding workplace, source products that we believe in, choose biodegradable/recycled packaging, and to source our power from an energy provider that uses renewables. We have an established and ongoing commitment to support many local businesses and charities. We also try to re-use where possible, and recycle what can’t be re-used.

Qi has been a natural evolution, inspired by the desire to give our clients an unparalleled level of customer service. The shop really was a response to having outgrown our market stall. Our stall was often three people deep, and we simply couldn’t get to everyone, let alone find the time to offer each person the informative, individualised service that had made us so successful in the first place. I came to realise that it was the quality of the contact, and genuine connections that we made with our clients, that I valued most. With this in mind, I wanted to set up a luxurious environment that allowed these relationships to be nurtured. Responding to what our clients ask for has, at times, led us in directions we had never originally envisioned. When we decided to incorporate the healing center, it was in response to the large number of inquiries. Customers were constantly asking us if we could recommend a practitioner, psychic, or where they could do workshops.

Throughout this natural evolution we have stayed true to the origins of the business. It has always been clear to me that Qi is a specialty store, offering award-winning customer service, and a world-class selection of crystals, jewellery, and books.

The Crystal Trade & Ethics: Where Do They Come From and How Are They Sourced?

Apart from their metaphysical and ornamental uses, crystals and minerals are integral to most of the technology we use today, including mobile phones. Given this, the above question is one that nearly all of us should be thinking more about. Unfortunately, at times, these precious resources are found only in areas that are politically unstable or impoverished (e.g. The Congo contains 80% of the world Columbite-tantalite, a mineral integral in the manufacture of mobile phones). Do we impoverish individuals on the ground further by withdrawing trade because of political unrest or unsavoury practices in the region?