Jennifer Seitanidis

Self of Self

  • Crystal & Energetic Healing

  • Clinicical Hypnotherapy

  • Aura & Chakra Imaging

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Reiki

  • Meditation Classes

  • Virtual Gatric Band Weightloss Program

Aura & Chakra Imaging

30 mins / $50

Past Life Regression

2 hours / $250.00

Reiki Energetic Rebalance


Clinical Hypnotherapy

90 minutes / $150

Weekly Class:


10AM – 11AM

$15 per person

*First Class Free.

PH: 0448 801 273

Sense of Self 

Jennifer has been a holistic practitioner for over 15 years, incorporating Crystal healing, Aura & Chakra clearing, Reiki, Past Life regression, Clinical hypnotherapy, and Shamanic journeying to connect with spirit. She conducts weekly Crystal Meditation classes as well as seeing individual clients in her busy private practice .

A trainer at the Academy Hypnotic Science and the Australian representative Trainer for Sheila Grangers “Virtual” Gastric Band program Jennifer has been a respected member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association for many years and has helped hundreds of people regain their lives and extend beyond past trauma and significant life events to emerge with a new passion and understanding of their gifts, self worth and direction in life. She also trains other therapists in Past Life regression.

Jennifer has trained extensively at the Omega Institute in New York with various spiritual teachers including Dr Brian Weiss (Past Life Regression), Sonia Choquette (Intuition) and Louise Hay. Bringing her extensive knowledge and experience to her meditation classes, workshops and private practice (Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy Weight Loss program, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing & Reiki)

Shamanism has also been an ever expanding interest having trained with Hank Wesselman, Sandra Ingerman & Dr Alberto Villoldo. “This has been one of the most rewarding area of my work which has rapidly accelerated my expanding consciousness. It is an ability that everyone has on some level and opens you up to a whole new world of growth and expansion”

Client Testimonials: 

“Im absolutely delighted! Since seeing Jennifer for the weight loss program I am happier on much smaller amounts of food and I don’t think about food constantly any more. I have lost over 6kg in the past 8 weeks and don’t drag myself around anymore. This is actually easy and wish I had done this a long time ago.”

– Mandy (May 2019)

“I recently lost my best mate. My closest friend. He passed away completely unexpectedly and left me feeling profoundly sad and lost. So overwhelmed with grief. I knew I needed help when I found myself in a mental fog, driving down a street I didn’t recognize and wondering how I got there. I pulled over to the side of the road and bust in to tears, almost causing an accident. I was given Jennifer’s details and made the call right there. She has put me back on my feet and given me a totally new perspective. I still miss my friend but it doesn’t cripple me anymore, And I am so grateful for the memories and great expectation of things to come. Couldn’t have done this on my own. Thanks Jen”

– Jason ( Jan 2019)

“Magic hands!! Your energy rebalance was off the scales. Amazing. I could actually feel the blocks shifting and my whole body was buzzing after the session. It put me on a high for the rest of the day. I’ve had energy healings before but not like that. Consider me a regular!!”

– Bronte (June 2019)