Reset Rituals: Crown


Crown Chakra: just at top of your head (close your eyes when using mist)

  • This Chakra’s energy relates to spiritual connectivity, connection to something greater than yourself.
  • Be able to see the bigger picture, the ability to trust life, awaken to transformation, values, ethics, courage and humanitarianism.
  • Set intention for use: “My day is filled with peace and harmony”
  • The word chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel or vortex.
  • They are non-physical centres of spinning energy located in your energy field and contain specific information acting like a memory bank.

Ingredients: Organic Essential oils, Australian Bush Flower Essesnce, Crystal Chips, Filtered Water, Witch hazel

Made local by kinesiologist Leora Katranski, theses sprays are designed to support each chakra, or as a set. 100% Natural pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Handmade in Melbourne, Australia. Kinesiology Tested.

50mls / 1.7oz

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