Daily Dose Of Women’s Wisdom, A


For decades, Christiane Northrup has been helping women navigate their lives with grace and joy. This elegant, compact volume offers her trademark wisdom in a fresh form, filled with pointed reminders “to help you develop a deeper respect for, and connection to, your own body and its exquisite guidance system [to] create a vibrantly healthy body, mind, and spirit.”

Each beautifully designed black-and-white page carries a quote that touches on a topic of deep significance: everything from heart-listening to epigenetics to the importance of knowing that your decisions about medical treatment are not irreversible.

Examples include:

– You are an ever-renewing, ever-changing, ever-growing being, born with an inner guidance that helps you create and maintain vibrant health and happiness.

– When faced with a dilemma, take a moment to sit with the issue. Don’t rush to decide what to do.

– Intend to let Divine inspiration flow to you, and it will be so!

– The next time you get an ache or a pain, soften the area around it with compassion.

Ask your body what it needs. Listen deeply for the answer.

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