Making Magic – Weaving together the everyday and the extraordinary by Briana Saussy


Re-enchant your life with this book of spells, rituals, and ceremonies anchored in day-to-day activities.

Making Magic takes magic out of realm of the ‘occult,’ ‘fringe,’ or ‘New Age’ and makes it accessible to anyone who wants to cultivate an authentic sense of the sacred in daily life. By offering readings many natural entry points, readers can find their own, unique pathways into their own experience of practical magic. The book is organised by techniques and materials such as candles, water, plants, minerals and talismans.

Industry Reviews
With Making Magic, Briana Saussy provides a clear, welcoming guide to accessing your magic and creating a spiritual path that is all your own. She teaches you to recognize and locate the magical powers that already exist all around you and within you. If that wasn’t enough (and really it is), if you, like me, are a fairytale lover, this book contains one of the best versions of Goldilocks ever. Recommended!
Judika Illes, author of the Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells, The Big Book of Practical Spells, and other books devoted to the magical arts

This extraordinary little book is the medicine we need now! Many elders say that the global change we need most will come when we make changes inside our own homes. With ourselves. In our families. Making Magic instructs you how to begin to walk in your life in a sacred way. I can’t wait to share this book and its profoundly beautiful practices with my students!
Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, shamanic healer and life coach, author of The Book of Beasties and Swimming with Elephants

Put down everything you’ve been told about magic–that it’s arcane, occult, and forgotten in the mists of time. Then pick up Making Magic. Here you will discover that magic is alive. She is fresh and new, fluid and flexible, and a totally natural and normal part of an everyday life–your everyday life. And the best part? You will remember that the magician is you.
Janet Conner, author of Writing Down Your Soul, creator and host of the Praying at the Speed of Love podcast

Making Magic is a wonderful walk through a world that makes everything seem a bit brighter; a shimmer suddenly catches our hearts and minds where before there was darkness. Briana Saussy teaches what magick can be in our lives–an undercurrent of joy at the smallest of occurrences, or the rush when we realize our unlimited potential in creating our own kingdom right here on earth.
Damien Echols, New York Times bestselling author of Life After Death and High Magick

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