Salt Lamp Globe: CLEAR 10w (24v)


*Please note these globes are used in the newer 24w\12v cords that have a transformer box close to the plug. If you’ve had your lamp for some time it will most likely by a 240v so this will not work  in your lamp. However, if you are still not sure which type of cord/plug you have please call the shop on 03 9532 8662

Tips to make you Globes last longer:

  • If you are going to move your lamp always turn it off prior to moving it. Globes nearly always bow when you’re moving lamp around.
  • Use a tissue or cloth when handling and to screw in your globe. Grease marks from your fingers heats the globe irregularly and will cause it to blow more frequently.
  • Screw your Globe in firmly and then back screw half a screw. Globe will blow more often if they are over screwed over tight.