Yoni Egg Set – Clear Quartz


These genuine Clear Quartz yoni eggs are traditionally used internally to strengthen one’s pelvic floor muscles and work in a similar way to Kegel exercises. They are sold in a set of three sizes large 35×50 mm, medium 30x43mm and small 25x35mm.

It may sound sound counterintuitive – but we usually recommend beginners start with the medium or large egg as it is easier to connect with and feel into. Start by using it for short periods of time increasing in duration as your muscle strength increases. Keep in mind the heavier the egg the quicker your muscles will fatigue.

Likewise, your muscles have to work harder to hold onto the smaller egg so when you first move onto a smaller size than you have been using, start with short periods and increase in duration as muscles strengthen.

When first starting out, some people find it hard at to hold onto the egg. If this is the case, don’t get discouraged, at first you can start using them laying down or sitting up.

Practice good hygiene and always wash your eggs between use with warm water and a mild soap/detergent.

  • Healing on all levels
  • Spiritual & Psychic Development
  • Energy Amplifier
  • Transformation
  • All Chakras but especially crown

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