Colour therapy by Zeena Patel

Did you know that our short-term attraction and rejection of colours correlates to what we are going through? What colours don’t you really like at the moment or do you find yourself rejecting today?

Here is a summary of what it might mean if you don’t like:

  • Red – indicates signs of frustration, anger or defeat within you
  • Orange – you may be suffering from exhaustion or mental or physical fatigue
  • Yellow – points to feelings of disappointment or being powerless 
  • Green – indicates feelings of being rejected or loneliness
  • Blue – signs of suffering anxiety, fear or loss which could be to do with wealth or status, or sense of failure
  • Purple – are you acting pretentious, conceited, or overly vain?
  • Brown – a desire to stand out more or want more independence
  • Black – wanting to be in control and hold on to your personal power

Every colour has positive and negative aspects. If you display any negative traits of a colour, your colour energy and the corresponding Chakra is likely to be blocked too.

To balance your Chakras, you should seek the help of a certified energy practitioner however there are some helpful things you can do at home too. You can use the colour rejected and its complimentary colour to draw in the opposite positive traits for balance.

All colours have an opposite or complimentary energy. This theory follows the law of duality and opposites in our wonderful universe.

Complementary colours are:

Colour Complementary Colour

Colour visualisation is a great way to work on your Chakras at home and by yourself.  You can visualise the blocked colour and after several minutes visualise that particular colour moving off to the right and being replaced from the left side, by its complimentary colour.

There are many ways of clearing blocked Chakras but I hope you find these ‘at home’ tips useful for now.

If you’d like to experience professional Crystal healing, Reiki or Crystal Reiki with me, all of these therapies are wonderful for helping aid and restore balance to your Chakras.

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Love and light,

Zeena x

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