A Glass Half Full by Mary Gaynor

A glass half full

by Mary Gaynor

I love holidays. My favourite holiday involves hot weather, a beach, turquoise water, a good book and a wine. I could not be happier! But here lay the problem, I loved it so much that I did not want it to end. Instead of enjoying and relishing every moment, I  would get half way through and sabotage the remainder of it by miserably counting down the number of days I had left …… how to ruin a holiday in one easy step.

Not any more!!

I have changed. I was so over coming home deflated after every holiday that I actually gave myself a good talking to and realized how my thoughts and attitudes were actually destroying a perfectly beautiful and wonderful occasion. Instead of soaking up every gorgeous moment I had been dreaming of and appreciating how special and precious it was, I was ruining it by my negative thoughts and response.

These days, I live every moment of every holiday and enjoy every second of it .I do NOT let those negative thoughts in to ruin it  and although I am still sad to leave, I know I will have another equally beautiful holiday so am filled with gratitude for the wonderful time I have just had. Changing my thought patterns changed my entire experience ( and of those around me) and enabled me to be in a positive state to enjoy each moment.

I know that holidays are not a true reflection of every day life but by changing our behaviours, thoughts and patterns we can actually make each day feel more like a holiday by the very process of responding and viewing things in a more positive light,

 The very way we view the world and react accordingly in our everyday lives has a huge impact on our happiness which directly influences the state of our physical health. By shifting our negative thought patterns and responses to them and replacing them with a more positive and calm approach enables us to build resilience and create the ability to flow with life, making it easier to cope with all that it throws at us while reducing the risk of sickness and disease.

As we enter the second half of the year it is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the previous months( a truly tumultuous, trying time for all given the covid 19 situation) and ask yourself, how have  you been coping with it all? Has it been an extremely distressing and stressful time or have you managed to “bend with the wind” and roll with the punches?  Has it perhaps presented new positive pathways and opportunities that previously were not visible, or did you view these changes with fear, resentment and irritation?

We all hold the key to our own health and happiness. Life is clearly not always a holiday but we are the ones who control how we react to what is going on around us and each and every one of us has the ability to change our very future by the way we react in every moment. It is always about choice.

As the old saying goes “Practice makes perfect”  so start removing those old negative patterns now and make a conscious effort to face every moment to the best of your ability with a glass half full and watch the positivity flow into your life.  

Cheers to that!!    

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