Daily Top Tips to invite high vibe energy into your life by Zeena

Daily top tips to invite high vibe energy into your life

by Zeena Patel

The holidays are usually a lot of fun but can understandably be overwhelming at times too. Especially this year as we try to navigate a new normal following a rollercoaster of a year.

It’s not uncommon to experience emotional triggers as we increase our social activity and interactions with others or perhaps as we retreat and go deeper within.

I hope this short ‘top tips’ guide can support you to keep your energetic vibration high and harmonious in nature over the coming weeks, whatever your plans are. These are some of my personal favourite ways to help me get through the holiday season with more ease.

Tip 1 – Regularly cleansing your personal space and energy field.

I love smudging (burning sage) daily and immersing my body with the purifying smoke that is released. You can do it for around 15-20 seconds a day, or for less time or even longer if you are compelled to. There is not wrong or right way, just let your intuition guide you and set the intention to release anything that isn’t serving you well. You can even move the cloud of sage through the space you’re in. Just make sure the window is open to allow any energy that has been built up to escape. This ritual can immediately lift the mood in your inner and external environment.

Tip 2 – Don’t forget to breathe

We do this every day without realising. When we breathe intentionally, we can very quickly change how we feel. We can transform feelings of overwhelm into calm and gratitude. After all, our breath keeps us alive. What a thing to be grateful for!

Slowly imagine breathing in pure white light and slowly breathe out any muddy or dirty impurities from your body. You may notice or see a dark haze being released. As you do this, your out breath will become lighter and lighter until you are breathing in and breathing out pure white light. Once this happens, imagine yourself surrounded by an envelope of white light, let it become as prominent as feels right for you. Or until you feel safe and protected. Offer thanks to the universe for all you have received.

This injection of peaceful energy can stay with you throughout the day. It’s particularly helpful to practice at the start and end of your day, helping you shake off undesired feelings.

Tip 3 – Just for today…

I love to start the day with embodying of one of the five the Reiki principles and try to give the one statement focus for the entire day to keep me intentionally on a positive track.  The Reiki principles can seem very simple a first, but they can be so very supportive when you are facing a difficult situation or experience. The principles are:

Just for today I will not worry…

Allow yourself to laugh, have fun and mix with happy people. Try not to sweat the small stuff or things out of your control. 

Just for today I will not anger…

Everything that pushes you to anger, has control over you. Instead try to exchange better energy through understanding your triggers and not reacting with anger. Just breathing through something first before reacting can help prevent many misunderstandings that can later be regretted.

Just for today I will be kind…

Sent out and embody positive thoughts and you’ll positive results will be returned. 

Just for today I will be grateful…

Expressing gratitude for things around us, no matter how big or small immediately changes our energetic vibration and a good way to get out of an expected energetic funk.

Just for today I will do my work honestly…

This means different things to different people. Honesty lives inside of us so it’s a good way to check in with yourself if you are in doubt of any of your actions.

I hope some of these tips can support to provide respite to a difficult day or situation.

With love and light,

Zeena x

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