January Energies by Andrea

January Energies

by Andrea

Happy New Year!

Hoping that you have been able to take some time out and refresh yourself for the beginning of a new year and new decade!

As always, I like to check in on the energetics of the month.

Astrologically, this month there are many planets in Capricorn.  Capricorn is typically an industrious and responsible sign.  You may find yourself wishing to make structural changes this month, even if you are on holiday.  Throwing things out, making new years resolutions, putting in new systems, wishing to be more ambitious in certain areas of you life, and so on.

The nimble yet tenacious mountain goat is an apt symbol for this sign as there can be a desire to attain new heights, to go even higher up the rocky mountain!, and set new goals.

This month we also have an alignment between Saturn (which aligns to Capricorn) and Pluto.  This is on the 12th of January.

Most of last year was the build up between these two serious and weighty planets.  Because of that we have been making deep structural changes internally over the last year or so.  Once the conjunction occurs on the 12th, we will see the two ‘heavy hitters’ slowly separate.  So this year we may see many changes occurring in the external world.  There may be shifts in finance, government, big business and so on.

These two planets challenge us to make changes, transform, and take greater responsibility for what we let into our life.

It is also worth noting that all the planetary action in Capricorn is in aspect to the planet Eris.  This is a war planet and we may notice a grater degree of aggressiveness and anger around the 12th.

Let’s also tap more directly into what divine guidance wishes to show us.

Please listen to the audio to help you tap into what Spirit wishes for us to connect to. In the audio you can connect to the frequencies that come in for us.

The main thing I am picking up energetically at present is that Spirit asking us to say ‘No’.

There is a sense of needing to say to ‘No’ to all that does not serve us. All that does not honour us.

This can be small, seemingly inconsequential things, from particular foods, to habits, and so on.  These smaller No’s leads to saying No to bigger things in our life, such as relationships that are detrimental, to people or situations that attempt to dominate or subjugate us.

Spirit is really asking us to say ‘Yes’ to Divine guidance.  Divine guidance always surprises the mind.  Divine guidance ultimately knows what truly supports and complements us.

Many of us have tried to bring in what we ‘think’ works, what we ‘think’ we want – only to find that it quite emphatically does not!

Please let spirit guide you.  When you do everything in your life, and within your very being, begins to open and bloom.

May you bloom, flourish, and thrive in the year ahead!

Many blessings,


NEWS! Two New Events! – see below.

I am at Qi Crystals every Saturday and Sunday for energetic readings and healings. For readings I do not use cards, instead I ask for clarity and guidance. You may also be interested in a drop-in meditation class every Saturday morning from 10-11.15.


One day workshop on love and romance!

I will be helping you to clear old relationships, helping you to identify any blocks you may have to love, and helping to bring in someone who will support and fulfil you.

I will also be showing you how to process and clear any emotional patterns, and this can be applied to any aspect of your life.

The workshop would also be helpful to those already in a committed relationship who are a little stuck.  As well as to those who simply wish to welcome more love into their life in any form.

The workshop will be on Sunday 1st March, and will be repeated on Sunday 5th April.

Please contact me if you would like to come along!


Monthly Class

I will be showing you how I process polarities and identify shadow.

This will be a 2 hour class once a month.  It will be Saturday morning and will be in place of the regular meditation class.

I feel that it is important to identify shadow.  Shadow is all that you are not consciously aware of — your blind spots.  By looking at opposites we move beyond duality, and into a more integrated state.

For myself it was vital to not only meditate, but to consciously process my ego and emotional blocks.  When I did that the awakening process accelerated and I simply got lighter.  I will be showing you how I did that, and what worked for me.

If you would like to come along please get in touch!

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