The Crow Anthologies: Shadow by Maurice Katting

The Crow Anthologies: Shadow

by Maurice Katting

Any challenging experience where we feel confusion and a lack of clarity, means we are being brought into a space where we have something to learn, otherwise the uncertainty we find ourselves in wouldn’t exist. If our mind isn’t able to perceive the answer or the reason straight away, then we are being suspended in that dynamic with a lack of knowing-ness until this comes into our being. We are being held in that space until understanding trickles in, whether it’s through the mind, or feeling, or both. ⠀

Sometimes these answers are not swift in deliverance for a reason. Our humility to the lesson serves us in being still and patient enough to reach for the right questions and wait for those answers to trickle in. It shows us that the speeding up of time doesn’t always serve us when we require space to integrate something. And it will process in its entirety when we have offered due diligence and sincerity in finding out and seeking that understanding. Not while we are kicking and screaming and complaining for an answer. Sometimes the greatest disservice we can give ourselves is assuming we already understand everything and know the lesson, and that it has no validity in our current reality. That won’t help us in shifting the perspective we still experience ourselves through, so therefore we can assume we don’t know the reason that we’re still in that space.

Humility, sincerity and a true desire to understand the reason for conflicts in our reality will allow us to transform the state we are in a lot easier than defying it.

Maurice Katting is a Shamanic and Sound Healer & Emotional Intuitive . You can connect with him through Qi Crystals or via The Disconnect Healing Space

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