Start 2020 with CLEAR INTENTION by Rebecca

Start 2020 with CLEAR INTENTION

by Rebecca

One hears the word intention everywhere but what’s it really about? There can be many myths and misconceptions. Often when we set an intention it’s coming from our ego’s wants and desires. We then feel disappointed, lesser or even confused when it doesn’t actualise. In my personal journey with intention, I’ve found it’s important to tune into what your SPIRIT or HIGHER SELF intends for you. After all, it’s your spirit that knows best what you truly need and want…

To access our Spirit or Higher Self calls for trust. We need to move our ego into the back seat. Spirit’s voice is often quieter and subtler than the ego. Yet it’s communicating to us ALL the time with messages coming through in many ways. Each person has a unique way of connecting and receiving guidance. It may be through journalling, meditation, imagery, ritual, dreamtime. If you ask a question and listen, the answers will reveal themselves. Sometimes what we hear can be surprising. Often our logical minds don’t understand what it means. At times it’s not what we want to hear. Our spirit may have a larger vision than what we imagine possible and we don’t know how to begin. This can bring up fear and other emotions.

The important thing to remember is that intention isn’t about willing and striving for an end result. It’s about accessing the vibrational tone required to be our fullest self in every given moment and letting our spirit lead. It’s about a BEING state. Often it’s small and incremental. Subtle choices made moment to moment. Yet this miraculously leads to surprising growth and creative output across all areas of life. And when you align your personal will with your SPIRIT, life becomes magical. Your expression flows with fullness and heart. You feel an abundance of belonging, purpose, and peace.

The new year is a great time to play with intention as there is a collective agreement to let go of the old and welcome in the new. The energy is palpable and propulsive. With this in mind, on Saturday January 18 I’ll be leading a workshop to Start 2020 with Clear Intention. Playing with MEDITATION, SYMBOLISM, VISION BOARDING and DANCE (optional) you’ll access your Spirit’s vision for 2020 and begin anchoring it into form. We’ll go deeper into what intention is really about, letting go of old concepts and opening to new understandings. The afternoon will be bursting with creativity, expansion and surprise. More information available here.

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