Self-care with Singing Bowls by Peter Hess Academy Australia

Self-care with singing bowls

by Peter Hess Academy Australia

What is the self-care?

Self-care is a preventative medicine, yet it is something that we can do for ourselves. It is time and effort spent on yourself, on your needs. Something that you feel good about and not force yourself to do (no matter how wonderful the advertised results might be).
Is self-care selfish? Not at all. You need the time and means to recharge and restore your body and mind to function well in your chosen environment. In the process you recognise your own needs, personality and limitations. Being able to replenish your resources, you will in turn have resources to help others.

Self-care might also prevent your work burnout which has been been recognised by the WHO (World Health Organisation) as a syndrome that is the result of chronic stress at work that cannot be successfully managed.

The burnout symptoms may include some or all of the following:

  • problems with concentration, procrastination
  • lack of job satisfaction, becoming disillusioned, cynical, impatient and critical at work
  • impatient and critical in relationship with others
  • lack of energy, difficulties with concentration and sleeping
  • overeating, abusing alcohol to numb your feelings
  • unexplained physical ailments

Peter Hess® Academy Australia introduced a self-care workshop opened to all interested. The singing bowls are quite unique as a tool of self-care. In the study by Prof Dr Hella M Erler and Prof Dr Luis Erler (Sound Break Project, Regensburg, 2009), playing the singing bowls even for few minutes every day makes a difference to our stress levels, motivation and vital signs.

Next workshop for Self-care with Singing Bowls at Qi Crystals – 18-19 of May 2020. No experience necessary and all are welcome.

More information at our event page:

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