February Energy Healing by Andrea

February Energy Healing

by Andrea

January felt like it went on forever! But here we are well into February already!

In this month’s energy healing we are being asked to go into the belly area, underneath the solar plexus, open that up and start clearing it out.

At first I first slightly misinterpret what it is that they are asking, but we get there eventually!

We will go down to the belly area, which is a lot like a cellar. Old memories, treasures, and parts of ourself have been kept here, and forgotten about. We will spend some time clearing it out, and reuniting with those parts we truly loved, but put away.

This is a wonderful moment for reuniting with parts of ourself, and possibly in the external world, those things that we loved but had forgotten about, from hobbies, to activities, to people.

The more we can re-unite with missing parts, the more we can fill any dark spots or holes, the more complete we become.

Many blessings for the month ahead!

News and Updates:

Bush Fire Healing Story

For all those who haven’t had a chance to listen to the audio call sending healing energy to all those affected by the bush fires, please do so!  It was a powerful call and people from all over the globe joined us: from Africa, to South America, to Asia, to Europe, and North America!

I would like to share a story:

Spirit wanted us to use koala imagery, which we did.

I recently spoke with someone from New York who did the meditation and healing with her husband.  Just after the call she went out the front of her home and found a parcel.  She opened the parcel and inside found two koala mugs.

For a long while they couldn’t work out where the parcel came from, and they kept saying ‘the koalas sent us a thank you’.  Then they finally remembered that their Australian neighbours had gone away and it must be a gift from them.

However, although it was indeed true that their neighbours had organized it, as soon as she told me I ‘knew’ that it really was a Thank You from Spirit.

For those who are sensitive, you can feel the ‘sparkle’ coming off them in the photo.

What’s more is that the set of mugs was supposed to have one koala, and one kangaroo.  Instead there were two koala mugs in the box.  She also shared that it was the koalas who had been breaking her heart the most.

Let’s use tragedies and difficulty to send love, and use it as the huge heart opening opportunity that they are.

Spirit really does ‘organize’ things for us.  Though the mind will always doubt, even when faced with something that can’t be easily explained.  I had another event happen recently where spirit took over and scheduled something in so that I could help someone heal on a profound level.
Trusting Spirit is very difficult for every single one of us at first, but after a while it becomes the most beautiful way to live.

Live through Love.

One Day Workshop

‘Being In Love’

This is a One Day Workshop helping you to clear out old relationships, heal the heart, identify patterns in your life, and connect you to the frequency of love.

For more information please go here: Being In Love Workshop with Andrea

Andrea works out of Qi on Saturday & Sunday’s offering meditation classes, readings, energy healings & crystal healing bed. 

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