Living From The Heart- by Denise Richards

Living from the Heart

by Denise Richards


Opening our heart as big as possible is the greatest gift that we offer ourselves and to the world. Opening our heart has a profound healing effect on all levels of our being, as well as on our families and communities. The more we allow our hearts to open, the more we can share love, for peace, joy, and love radiates from the core.

If we really listen to and feel our inner calling, we will realize that our hearts want to open and let the light and love to do wonderful things for ourselves, our families and communities.

When we open our hearts, we deepen our spiritual connection to the True Source, and this allows us to live genuinely and authentically in the sacredness of love. Then we can begin to realize that the True Source, as the Ultimate Source of Love and Light, has Loved us completely in every moment of our existence. Indeed, there has never been a moment in our existence, when this was not the truth, because True Source can never stop loving us and all beings. We are today living in tumultuous times of change and many are awakening to this truth and seeing beyond the veil of fear based beliefs and political structures and no longer wish to remain victims, our core beliefs are being shaken to the core. People all over the world are going through similar experiences and insecurities, our thoughts and ideas may differ but fundamentally we are all the same. I believe it is in harnessing the incredible power of these feelings that this shift in consciousness can take place so much quicker.

Where does the Peace, Love and Joy Originate?

The deepest peace and love that is available to us in our earthly existence is the spark of light and love in the core of our hearts. This spark is the purest aspect of our deepest self and is directly connected to the Source of light and love. The more we allow the blessings of light and love to purify and open our hearts, the more the light and love from the core of our being becomes free to radiate in all directions to every heart everywhere. Everyone has a spark of light and love in the core of their heart. However, not every spark is radiating freely and sweetly. When we first begin to open our hearts, the nice feeling we experience may only be felt as a peaceful and calm feeling. As the layers of our heart are purified, not only are we able to feel the peace and the calmness, we are able to feel the deep joy, love and light that radiates from the core of our heart. Sometimes feelings come up which may seem difficult to deal with relating to past hurts or unforgiveness, this is all part of your healing and your heart’s way of gently releasing the past suffering. At any time we can then just stop, do nothing and realize and feel that the love is sweetly pulling us deeper into the love….toward the core inside of our heart. And this never stops if we allow it to take us there. When the clouds of impurity surrounding our hearts are dissolved, then the love and light can be experienced without obstruction in its purest joy.

Where and What is the Heart?

Our heart is our centre of feeling. By contrast, our head is the centre of thinking and the centre of ego. A fulfilled life is lived immersed in Love, Joy, and Gratitude. These are feelings, not thoughts, so this is why knowing your heart is crucial. By learning to follow our heart we learn to utilize our heart intelligence which guides us
to make loving wise choices, thereby supporting us to be successful on all levels of life. The heart we are referring to here is not our physical heart. It is our non-physical heart that resides in the centre of our chest, at the level of our armpits.

Research at the Heartmath Institute has shown that the electromagnetic field generated by the heart around the body changes according to the heart rhythm pattern. The heart’s energy field extends out beyond the body several metres, so we are literally creating waves as we feel different emotions and feelings and those
waves effect the people around you. Now if you consider that the feelings/emotions we are projecting out will eventually mirror back towards us which explains why if we feel stressed or angry, depressed or frustrated we make mistakes and attract in similar situations in our lives. We know intuitively that our hearts acts as a carrier of the pattern or energy of what we are feeling, this is why we have sayings like “Listen to your heart” “Be genuine from the heart” “Do your best from your heart”. When we feel genuine care and compassion or we sincerely want to forgive there’s a heartfelt prompting and the mind responds and takes those feelings all through the body, this in turn leads to better health and a stronger intent and heart power. With regular
meditation from the heart you can change emotions of pessimism into optimism, sadness into happiness and resignation into enthusiasm.

Denise Richards BA DCH

Source: Transforming Stress- Doc Childre

“Living in The Heart” Drunvalo Melchizedek

Denise Ricards is internationally renowned psychic and healer. Having pracitsed for more than thirty years, she is also qualified in a vast number of modalities.

For more phone Denise on 0404 118 142

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