New practitioner at Qi: Joe Abadi

Stage 4 Lockdown Heaven Divination

by Joe Abadi

Everyday it feels like a month away, this is my new favourite phrase.

Most things are uncertain in this pandemic situation, but often it is nice to get a hint or clues about where we go from here.

Covid has its own agenda and politicians do too. But really we just want to know when can we go to our favourite restaurant with our friends and families.

September 2020 is a very interesting month. It combines 2 elements (Wood and Metal) that do not like to be together, yet they can also help each other. September’s 2020 character is inflexible, binary and rigid. Yet it has the aspect of kindness, spirituality and compassion.

My friend and I raised the question today 29th August 2020, at 10.26 am, asking whether the stage 4 lock-down would be eased in Mid-September?

Heaven answered; Yes there is a good chance it will be. The number 1 & 3 appeared, and the suggestion is that the ‘HEALTH’ condition will be improved, something “PROACTIVE: will take place and there will be a “POSITIVE” impact on the whole situation.

Let’s hope the lock-down does ease up. This is not to say that we are all sharing the same experience during this Stage 4 lock-down.

I have 2 clients who are having the best time of their career & love life. One who just received a new work offer with a better salary, and also able to start his new business. His girlfriend is helping him with the new business and is a MasterChef in the Kitchen (his words).

SO is this Luck or just “Coincidence”? What did Heaven whisper to them? How does their destiny play a role in this?

I shared this story with Derek (Qi Crystals) and he said it’s like we are all sailing in the same ocean, yet we are not in the same boat.

One boat could be on fire, one in a storm, and another could have a built in cinema, Zen Garden and cruising along comfortably…what boat might you be sailing on? Or should be sailing on? Heaven divination can help provide answers to these questions

I am very excited to join the Qi family. I have been a long-time fan and customer of the shop, and always recommend it to others who are drawn to Crystals.

Looking forward to share more Heaven’s divination with you all, and if you are interested in finding out more about your destiny, feel free to contact me at and see below for my consultation guide:

Consultation Guide


My consultations start with an ‘Expression of Interest‘ by the “Asker” for wisdom. You will need to provide a few pieces of information such as Gender, Date of Birth ( Hour/Month/Year), and Place of Birth. I understand it may be hard to find the hour of your birth, so an estimate is fine. This information needs to be sent via email to


Phone call – the next step is to arrange a time to have a conversation about the kind of challenge or blockage that you seek help with. This allows me to confirm your purpose and aspirations which helps fine tune my predictions and divine the best actions / remedies that will suit your needs. Payment is not required up to this stage, and you can decide whether to proceed to the next step.


If you wish to proceed, confirmation and payment will need to be organised (contact me here)

Upon receipt of payment I will prepare your personal Heaven Divination report and send to you via email. This will be followed up with a phone call to explain the findings and recommendations in your unique report.

Note: this is not a computer generated report. It is a personalised divination plan and strategy based on your situation and challenges.

Heaven Divination Report outlines your life potential, like a guiding map of your life’s journey. The sessions are not about re-telling the past, but on realising opportunities and solutions for the future.

The outcome you can expect is that you will understand how to move through your challenge and be empowered to make decisions of a higher calibre and better quality.

May the Best Qi be with you

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