Shadow Work by Belinda Bucknell

Shadow Work

by Belinda Bucknell

Shadow Work is one of the most transformational modalities on the planet. The 3rd round has just finished up and here’s the results. 

One participant, let go of so much stagnant energy from her system that she went from feeling paralysed, heavy and burdened to feeling lighter, more in control and more powerful. She even lost weight without even trying! And effortlessly began to attract more clients into her business.

Another participant went from being addicted to online games for years, and spending most of her time procrastinating, to deleting the games within weeks, being productive, getting stuff done and feeling in control.

Before shadow work, another client was flaky, overwhelmed, couldn’t commit to her goals, her study or herself. But after only 4 weeks she became calm, intuitive, energetic and disciplined. She reports that she is smashing it everyday is feeling strong, capable, more playful and having more fun than ever.

Collectively, this is what they’ve let go of:

  • Self doubt and self judgement
  • Over thinking and overwhelm
  • People pleasing and over responsibility
  • Victimhood and the harsh inner critic
  • Guilt, not goodenoughness and shame
  • Procrastination and fatigue
  • The need to rescue others and drama

This is what they’re feeling instead:

  • empowered and alive
  • clear, directed, focused
  • productive
  • deeply connected to themselves
  • stable and optimistic
  • confident and courageous
  • powerful and in control

And this is what they learned:

  • How to show up in the world in power at every moment
  • How to be unapologetic and fully expressed.
  • How to move through life without self doubt
  • How to access greater intuition and completely trust themselves.
  • High self worth and the deepest self awareness possible
  • How to break free of procrastination and stagnation

This programme is nothing short of profound and life changing.

The next round of Shadow Work begins next Sunday – it’s the last for a while (and definitely the last at this price).

If you need more confidence, more joy and more certainty, jump in quick.

Doors close soon.

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