The Art of Awareness and Mediumship by Sandi & Mike Mayes

The Art of Awareness and Mediumship

by Sandi & Mike Mayes

How often do you ask other people “How are you”?

How often do you ask yourself “How am I”?

Do it now – ask yourself:

“How am I feeling physically?”

“How am I feeling mentally?”

“How am I feeling emotionally?”

So now you know how you are at this moment. Of course this will soon change as you move through your day, but are you aware of what changes how you are?

This workshop will deal with how we receive information and impressions from the outside world through our senses and energy and how this affects the way we are.

You will be given an understanding of how all your sense work and how they connect to your nervous system and brain. Few people in today’s world understand the workings of their senses, and most do not use them fully. Full awareness of the input from your senses will bring a sharper awareness and experience of your world and the ability to control the effects of that input.

You will also learn how your energy field and chakras work and how they interact with your nervous system, causing changes. This will be an empowering experience for you.

So you will then have a much deeper understanding of yourself, and through that you will become much more aware of other people and the effects of interacting with them.

If you don’t know yourself, how can you know and understand people with whom you come into contact? Being able to do this is invaluable in your everyday lives, and will also sharpen your psychic abilities.

Psychic reading is the beginning of mediumship and through it you will have the ability to read other people and help them understand themselves.

Of course awareness of other people and their energy is not confined to the physical world in which we live. There is a natural progression to becoming aware of the energies of the Spirit World, enabling us to identify them and give them a voice – in other words, bring through their messages to their loved ones. This is true mediumship and can be done one to one, or at a demonstration. Whichever way it is done, it is a great gift which we all possess if we sharpen our awareness enough.

This workshop will lead you through all the stages of awareness to your mediumship.

Sandi & Mike Mayes will be hosting The Art of Awareness & Mediumship workshop on November 4. 

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