The love of the aching soul by Sharon Sztar

The love of the aching soul

by Sharon Sztar

“Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” Lana Del Rey’s hauntingly beautiful voice asks through my car speakers.

She has captured the ‘question’ of our generation in one line.

So much of what we do, so much of what we sell, so much of what we strive for indirectly asks that question.

She continues in the lyrics: “Will you still love me when I’ve got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will.

But what I’d like to add to this is that our aching soul IS beautiful. And actually eternally youthful too.

Love isn’t dependant on external beauty or youth but actually comes with the territory of the soul. Desire ‘may’ come with beauty or youth but desire isn’t love.

And ironically it’s only once we start to see the outer ‘trimmings’ shift and alter, that the realisation occurs.

I remember being in a fancy lingerie shop once in my early 20s and a woman purchasing a few expensive pieces saying to the salesperson: “If only I could’ve afforded these when I had the figure to wear them”.

I don’t recall many conversations like that, but this one seemed to really stick out. Maybe because I thought she was still lovely looking. Maybe because ta part of me understood what she was saying. Maybe because this statement also summed up a lot of how we think and feel in society.

Love is when there is a place for every season of life. And we can wait for society to change or we can start to be the change ourselves and choose to lead with our loving aching souls. And interestingly that often amps up the desire again in a different way.

If you are curious on how we can change this narrative, come join me for my workshop at Qi Crystals on Sunday, 22 March where we will explore the ‘Passage through Perimenopause’ – the entry gate to our next season as women. The season of Autumn. The season of the Enchantress. The season where it all starts to make sense, if we just let it flow.

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