What Can NES Therapy Do For You? By Caroline Pope

What Can NES Therapy Do For You?

by Caroline Pope

These are a couple of the comments people have made after having NES Therapy:

“By chance, my first NES treatment took place the day before my first Network Chiropractic session, which confirmed and supported what Caroline had found/suggested, but not in as much detail. After the NES session and starting on the drops, not only have I had great relief from some health issues that had been troubling me for 8 months, but I’ve also been making life changes that I’d been procrastinating about for years! I was a Naturopath for 30 years, but nothing could have prepared me for this life-changing experience. I’ve seen all my dogs and foster dogs (14 in all) benefit from Caroline’s magic over the last 10 years, and I’m so grateful to have finally benefited from it too.”


“NES health was introduced to me by a long time mentor of mine. I have been working together with Caroline Pope now for 3 months. The processing and releasing which has occurred for me over those months has been amazing. From being crippled with glandular fever and extremely stressed out in my job and unhappy generally with life to now having the change in energy to bounce out of bed, and just by using the infoceuitcal products daily. Caroline has helped me be able to understand my own body and how it reacts to the environment and what I can do to help me become a better version of me. This holistic resource is very affordable to anybody and Caroline is a wonderful teacher, I look forward to working with her for years to come.”


Frontier science proves that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, they call this the Human Body- Field, and have researched its functions and structures for more than 30 years.

In that time they have discovered that the root causes of physical problems are distortions and blockages in the body- field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function. The harmonious interaction of the components that comprise our Total WellNES System correct these distortions, so the body- field and body can more easily and naturally return to optimum function. A NES scan not only covers the ‘physical’ aspects of the body field, but also covers your emotions, and how they are impacting on your body field. Understanding and working with this alone can make a huge impact on a person’s energy and vitality. Book in for a NES session today and see how your emotions and your life story have affected your body field and your life!

Caroline works out of Qi on Sunday’s>here.

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