Flowing with the cycles of the moon – weekly update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

Flowing with the cycles of the moon

– weekly update from Sharon Sztar

I like to observe each phase of the moon’s cycle around the earth, not just the new and full moons. The more I sync in with the four distinct phases of the moon, the more I sync in with my own four monthly phases as a woman.

Tomorrow we enter the last quarter of the moon’s orbit, whereby half of the moon is dark and half is illuminated.

As the moon begins to wane following the full moon, it rises later each night and sets later each day. That’s why you can sometimes see what I like to call a ‘day moon’. On the last quarter moon it rises about midnight and sets around noon the next day.

Visually, from tomorrow onwards the sky will get darker each night. And as the moon moves inwards, so do we.

For us as women, we start moving from wanting to be in the full bright light of the external world to wanting more time in the dark and quietness of our inner worlds. This time is synonymous with the season of autumn.

However, just like the transition from summer, the third week of our cycle can often initially cause a bit of anxiety. We tend to all thrive on the extroverted confident energy of the ‘summer of our cycle’ and find the dimming warmth and light testing.

But autumn is also the season of letting go and this is the perfect week of our month to start to slow down a little and begin an inwards reflection process. How are we feeling after the ‘summer energy’? What has come up for us?

Although I don’t put the brakes on as much as I do when I bleed, I definitely start to take more time for myself, go to bed earlier and generally create more space.

It’s also a time when our creative energies start to flourish. I know I tend to do my best writing in the autumn phase and I also find my myself waking up at 3am with inspiration after inspiration. My journal and notepad needs to stay very close!

This week, especially if you are in your pre-menstrual phase, try and stop to take some more pause moments and non-judgementally feel into what happens for you as you move into the autumn of your cycle.

And, if your cycle isn’t aligned to the moon’s phases, take a moment to observe how that makes you feel. Do you feel a little at odds with what is going on in the sky, for example you might be trying to shine your light when the sky’s light is dimming.

The more we as women sync into the cycle’s of the moon, the more we sync in with the cycles around us and tend to create more ease in our lives and in our worlds.

If you’d like to learn more about reconnecting with your innate feminine rhythms and embracing the full potential of the lunar cycle, I invite you to join me at my weekly Women’s Wisdom Circle on Thursday nights.

Happy moon watching!

With love, Sharon

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