Flowing with the Cycles of the Moon – weekly update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

Flowing with the Cycles of the Moon: weekly update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

by Sharon Sztar

Tomorrow morning at 2.45 AM AEST we have a full moon. And for women this means la luna has our back!

The moon’s energy always acts as a protective measure for women, and with her light at her fullest, so too is our light and protection. In essence the moon is a direct reflection of our own feminine cycles. Just as the ocean’s tides are affected by the movement of the moon, so too are the waters of our own wombs.

That’s why we seem to be at our most gregarious and confident around the time of the full moon. Likewise, when the moon is in her waning days, we too move inwards and feel more comfortable in our inner worlds.

As the moon grows in fullness it is the time to enjoy and celebrate life. To celebrate being a woman in the world. To celebrate being alive. And most importantly, it’s time to move. Whereas during the dark moon phase it’s time to slow down, now is the time to get active.

Last week I talked about the waxing moon being akin to spring. Now with the full moon we are moving into summer, the season of expansion and being outdoors.

Just like I do as the weather warms and we progress towards summer, over the last couple of nights I’ve found myself gravitating towards the waxing moon in the sky. I’m constantly aching to go out and bask in her glow.

So during the next few days it’s time to go outside and play, have fun with your body and get in touch with your senses. Dance, exercise, eat and savour your favourite foods, have sex, give lots of hugs, pamper yourself with a massage or facial. Share your heart and self with others. Embrace your human form and do something that helps you get in touch with the feminine, wild spirit within…

And if you normally practice a stillness meditation, try an active one instead; go for a meditative walk or try a shaking meditation. This isn’t the time to focus on inner work or reflection, rather it’s about embracing the outer world and its many joys and gifts.

At our weekly women’s wisdom circle this Thursday night we will be honouring this earthy full moon in Taurus with a beautiful ritual under the moon and stars (if weather permits) and pondering the question of what it truly means for a woman to embrace her feminine form and spirit.

Happy full moon ladies and shine bright!

Sharon hosts a Weekly Women’s Wisdom Circle on Thursday nights at 7:30PM

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