Flowing with the cycles of the moon – Weekly Update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

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FLOWING WITH THE CYCLES OF THE MOON – Weekly Update from Sharon Sztar, Women’s Wisdom Mentor

by Sharon Sztar

Many ancient cultures have revered a woman’s sacred connection to the moon. Females of all species move with the rhythms of the moon. We know the ocean’s tides are affected by the movement of the moon; so too are the waters of our wombs.

Tonight we move into the waxing phase of the lunar cycle. This means that the moon will be half illuminated and half dark and then from tomorrow onwards it will become more and more illuminated until the next full moon on 25 October.

As the moon swells in its luminosity, so do we as women. We start to emerge from the time spent in our inner worlds during the moon’s dark phase. If we’ve rested adequately during this last phase, we emerge with renewed energy and vitality. Most of us tend to feel our most dynamic, expressive and vibrant during these next couple of weeks.

On the contrary, if we’re not adequately rested, we may actually feel more tired during this phase and frustrated as to why we can’t keep up with our innate desire to expand. This can lead to turning to artificial boosts of energy to keep us going.

If we compare it to nature, the waxing moon phase is akin to spring when all of nature starts to rise and blossom, but this only happens due to the time spent in hibernation over winter. If we are in alignment with the moon, now is the time to enjoy the spring-time of our cycle and the blooming of the flower within.

If you’d like to learn more about reconnecting with your innate feminine rhythms and embracing the full potential of the lunar cycle, please join me at my weekly Women’s Wisdom Circle / 7:30pm – 8:30pm Thursday nights

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