Happy New 2021 and “Great Awakening” Everyone! by Andrea Fortune

Happy New 2021 and “Great Awakening” Everyone!

by Andrea Fortune

Lock down was challenging, reflective, triggering, solitary and pretty tedious! It feels so good to take my mask off, sit down in a restaurant and see my friends again.  2020 was transformational though, as it gave many of us the opportunity to think about what is unrepaired and unacknowledged, confront our demons and change our ideas.  

I had plenty of time to let uncomfortable feelings bubble to the surface and do some research into what the hell was going on with the planets!  That is when I heard about “The great awakening.”  The “Great Awakening” is where millions of people all around the planet are waking up to who they are and beginning to understand that reality that has been projected a certain way. Media, politics, and education were a model we followed as we grew up but we’re becoming aware of untruths and issues with certain agendas.  We had time to contemplate about what doesn’t resonate.

Humans have been keeping people in fear and anger for centuries with orchestrated events.  This is a form of controlling them to turn to the authority for certainty.  The elite may have been doing some dark things as well and justifying it.

The more we raise our vibration to higher states of consciousness, the more aware we become. What is happening during the great awakening, is that media and celebrity control is fading.  We are questioning reality more than ever.  During lock down we had the opportunity to go inwards and start to question things. 

We now have an opportunity to move from one level of consciousness to a new level of consciousness. This is happening at a quicker rate than ever, which is why time seems to be going fast. Part of that is because our vibrational level of consciousness is beginning to raise.

We are moving from the old ego structure of 3D to the heart-centred 4D, which is about connection, unconditional love, understanding who we really are and being more of service to others.  Power dynamics keep people in fear and anger.

Everyone is going through this at a certain level and no-one will be left behind. If we want to change the outer world, we must first do the inner work. It’s a powerful, important time to be here on the planet. I’m super excited to be here with you and wish you all a peaceful, happy and healthy 2021.  

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