How to Manifest at the Elevated State by Nanci Nguyen

How to Manifest at the Elevated State

by Nanci Nguyen

“The freedom of Manifestation at the elevated state can only come from knowing and understanding what you are made up of, as everything is a mirror to itself. Lack can only come from a Being that sees itself as unworthy to receive the abundance that is natural within itself. A Being that knows itself completely and lives in its knowing, is whole within itself and will experience its own manifestation full of joy, balance, pride and abundance. This relationship with oneself is true mastership, with the mind being of service to the true-self” – Nanci N

Manifestation is a key integral action which provides the necessary experience to go beyond your ‘human self’ and remember who and what you truly are: a limitless Being, the Truest-self.

Your mind can be your prison or your paradise, as limited or as limitless as you want it to be. How you experience your journey is solely based on your current mind-set in how well you understand your true state of being. Once fully understood, you can truly experience the freedom of manifestation, using your mind as the tool to bring it to life. As the natural state of mind serves your true-self.

Manifestation allows you to ask your true-self what you truly desire to experience. Manifestation will give you the necessary experience in life to enable your mind to let go of limiting beliefs and ideas of itself. Only through asking in what is deemed impossible to your mind and allowing yourself to receive will your mind witness the truth in accepting that anything is possible. The action is the proof point which the mind then sees and pivots accordingly. This is Manifestation elevating within you. Only in experiencing your own magic will your mind expand and merge with the divine mind that is limitless.

The Divine mind will do anything you want, you just need to understand how to command the mind in the correct way to bring forth your manifestation into reality.

Manifestation is the journey to allowing the human-self to remember and merge with its true state of Being, where the mind is of service to you not the other way around. Only in understanding what you are made up of can you Be your truest self.

Your true-self has created an elevated path for you to experience the abundance of you, where:

  • You are always fulfilled within you
  • Your journey is easy and fun
  • Joy and pride flows through your entire Being.
  • You will always receive what you need to support your growth in understanding your true-self
  • Your soul’s desires manifests into reality
  • You are filled with knowing who and what you are made up of.
  • You have a deep understanding of self, the integral relationship of heart mind soul

You know how to utilise your uniqueness in the correct way through manifesting in what gives you the most joy in experiencing you

In this workshop I’m going to teach you the key technique in manifestation to allow you to experience your most elevated state of Being in your life journey. I will also provide you the necessary tools to enable you to open the door to experience the fulfilment of self and to truly love, understand and accept your uniqueness and know what you are made up of. Your uniqueness is a tool that exists within you, you just need to use these tools in the correct way to command the mind in order to receive your manifestation. These tools will enable you to experience and witness the truth in that you are your own greatest teacher and to allow your mind to see the truth in who you truly are; a limitless being where the mind serves you.

Nanci will be holding a Manifestation at the Elevated State of Being workshop on the 30th of June and the 21st of July. 

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