Introducing: Vitaya Soulcraft

*Original Artwork by Letitia Benegas

Introducing: Vitaya Soulcraft

Hello, My name is Vita, the founder of Vitaya Soulcraft.

Vitaya Soulcraft was birthed in service of those who are called on a journey of personal transformation and conscious living. As a Shamanic Medicine Woman and teacher of Women’s Mysteries I bringing ancient wisdom and practices for the modern life.

Through formal study, therapeutic, coaching and facilitation experience, as well as personal practices, I intuitively weave together tools, rituals and practices from pancultural Shamanic traditions, Earth-Centred Spirituality practices, Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Bach Flower Essences, Vipassana Meditation, Art and Sound therapy to hold safe and potent space for your unfolding.

If you are called to shed your masks and stories, finally step into your authentic truth… fully own all of your loved and disowned parts… the Light and the Shadow… to transform and birth a new level of awareness and fully embody your soul’s calling, I invite you on this courageous journey of awakening and transformation.

Through Individual Mentoring, Women’s Circles, Shamanic Drum Journeys and various
workshops and rituals you have the opportunity to:

  • Expand your awareness
  • Re-member the teachings, tools and practices of elders and wisdom keepers
  • Discover how to stop battling life and start to flow with Nature’s Rhythms
  • Be challenged to shed your masks and stories
  • Be held and nurtured in a safe space to heal your wounds
  • Heal your relationship with yourself and step into self-love and self-honour
  • Find your authentic feminine power and voice
  • Be supported to break through false conditioning and dissolve old patterns
  • Become truly whole and empowered to welcome all life’s challenges by activating your dormant and disowned Archetypes
  • Open your heart and find lightness of being that comes from trusting life
  • Elevate your energy through embodied practices
  • Experience wholehearted joy and a sense of freedom
  • Re-imagine your “story” and align with your purpose
  • Satiate your longing for connection with your Tribe

I invite you to connect with me via to book a FREE 20min Session to explore how to I can best support you on your journey. Talk to me today about weekly group Workshops, special Programs, Retreats and 1:1 Soulcraft sessions as well as personalised Ceremonies, Rituals or Rites of Passage.

With gratitude, love and blessings,

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