October Energies by Andrea Oneness

October Energies

by Andrea Oneness

Dear Heart,

Let’s begin by allowing yourself a moment to expand, relax, and open up.  Opening up to the Divine, to Spirit, to all the Divine guidance that is within you.

Asking to become a clear channel for this guidance, beyond what the mind wants, what the egoic will wants, beyond what you have been taught is right.

Taking another breath whilst you continue to allow yourself to connect to this source.  A source of such tenderness, love and understanding.

Coming to the centre of the chest and asking for the Heart Space to open and radiate out.  Asking for this portal to get bigger and bigger.  For it to envelope all of your Being in a warm embrace.  Pushing away anything that the solar plexus is gripping on to, so that we are no longer gripping onto the collective, or old fears.

As we take a moment to adjust to true alignments, let’s ask for any guidance for the month of October.

Do not fear all the changes that are coming about.  They are coming about so as to bring you back to what is right.  To what is of benefit to both yourself, and the greater whole.

In these times of many voices, each vying for your attention, remember to use discernment when listening to various messages.  Notice how the body feels.  It is wise to question, wise to question even this specific message and channel.

We are here to invite the Divine into the Heart.  To learn what this really is.  To discern the difference between true guidance, and that which is false.

Trust your heart.  What your heart tells you.  Not what your mind tells you.  The mind can be manipulated, the heart cannot.  The more that you are able to come into this moment, and connect within, the more you will be guided from moment to moment, in all matters.

In all things when a remedy is needed, allow yourself to connect to the true glory that you really are.  The true magnificence of You.  You are not small, nor are you inconsequential, but a beautiful, Divine creation.

A holy creation that reflects the exquisite Divine Presence that made you.

As we focus on the month of October, we can share that veils, illusions, and chimeras continue to be lifted.  Mass deceptions no longer have such power.  For some there will be confusion, even anger as they continue to cling to illusions and false narratives.  Though for many there will be relief.  The relief that comes from finally knowing what is real and true, and what is not.

You are beginning to understand true relationship, to understand what this really is.  You are beginning to find those with whom your heart connects with, and part ways with those who are not of a true heart relationship.  Have no guilt over this.  Some relationships no matter how hard you may try, do not serve you.  You are not to blame for this, nor are they.  It is the connection itself that brings this about.  During October and the months ahead you will begin to more clearly discern what these true connections are. Who it is that really honours you, and who does not.

October will be an ideal time to look at finances, and your relationship to money.  A time to make adjustments and decisions.  It is a time to notice where money binds you, and where it empowers you.  Let not all your decisions be made purely for the sake of money.  This will only lead to enslavement and unhappiness.  Though also know that you deserve to live well, supported in the abundance of the earthly realm.

Reassessing relationships, whether to others, to money , or that world at large, will all come to the fore in this time period.  Memories, information, old wounding, may come from unexpected sources.  There may be sudden jolts into what has been comfortable.  This is good news as what is comfortable is not always what is right for you.

As always, coming into the heart whenever you need guidance or solace.  Finding beauty wherever it may lie will also help soothe the soul during this time.

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead as we continue to align ourself to our true path.

With blessings and love,


News and Updates:

This month there will be two online teleconferences.
The first on the 14th of October, will be on Rejuvenation.
The second on the 28th of October, will be on the Sacral Chakra and Sexuality.
Please see: http://andreaoneness.com for more information.

For Qi Crystals’ annual Open Day on Saturday the 27th of October, I will holding a free meditation helping you to connect to the Fifth Dimension. Please come along, I would be delighted to meet you!

Andrea works out of Qi on Saturday’s; offering healings, readings and a Meditation & Satsang. 

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