Starscape by Sally Dickenson


by Sally Dickenson

I’m in the country, it is 2°C and while I could be inside curled up in front of the wood fire, I’m standing outside, under the stars at night, wrapped in a starscape that looks completely unrelated to what, as a Melbournian, I’m used to seeing. This is not because my focus is elsewhere… I do often go out at night, stand barefoot on the earth and connect with dear Mother Gaia, then reach upwards with my consciousness, and connect with my celestial families who also source and support me in so many ways.

Standing here now looking at the stars opens my heart in such a profound way and I’m wishing I could see this every night from home. Yes, at home I do see the brightest stars through the brightly lit haze … but here… here there are clouds of stars and the brilliance of them! It is a new moon and they are so clear and so bright, a vision so mystical and beautiful… jaw-droppingly, heartbreakingly, heart-openingly beautiful. And it is here every night, visible all over the world and freely gifted.

Nature and I are inseparable. Since childhood, if I felt sad or alone I would find animals or places of high energy, rich with nature spirits and would find the care and nurturing I was looking for. Nature is often the first place I go to in need, freely providing the remedy for so many ailments. If I need to unwind, one of my favorite ways to de-stress is to bring my awareness to my breathing, with the focus on gratitude; for the oxygen I inhale is a gift from the plant kingdom and the air I exhale is my gift, nourishing plants with carbon dioxide.

It is through my passion for working with nature, with people and animals that I fell in love with Bowen therapy. I find that while many people have heard of it, many still ask what it is and how it can help so if you are interested I will explain a little here and am most happy to answer any questions you may have. Bowen is a gentle yet powerful myofascial technique which, through the use of sequences of moves at specific points on the body, provides the input for the body to begin a powerful balancing process. The body has its own intelligence and the Bowen moves trigger a resetting of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, circulatory system and fluids. Treatments are typically deeply relaxing and I have had success with many people who have had difficulty relaxing. As well as being relaxing, I typically treat conditions such as: Back, neck, and limb pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, sports injuries, breathing restrictions, arthritis and joint pain, headaches, migraine, tinnitus, vertigo, TMJ, Parkinson’s disease, and lymphatic drainage, general body balancing to aid wellbeing.

Sally works out of Qi on Monday afternoons as a Bowen Therapist, and facilitates a monthly Evening Chanting Group. 

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