Keep Calm, Keep Healthy by Mary Gaynor

Keep Calm, Keep Healthy

by Mary Gaynor

With the Corona Virus on our doorstep and anxiety and stress levels running on high, it is hard not to get sucked into the whirlpool of fear that is being generated.

But it is extremely important to try and remain calm and keep stress levels down as it can actually impact the efficiency of our immune and nervous systems which is what we need to be operating at full capacity right now!

So I thought I would share some tips on how to calm those nerves and boost your immune system


Essential Oils – use in a humidifier or burner to maintain a calm environment. Try: lavender, clary sage, jasmine,rose,chamomile, ylang ylang

Deep Breathing – by taking 10 deep breaths several times a day, you are keeping your nervous system in a restful state, your heartrate down and cortisol levels down. It has an immediate result and can be done anywhere

Music – we all know the saying ‘ music calms the beast’ but it is true and a wonderful means to bringing you to a place of calm and rest. So choose something that will brings you to a place of calm and happiness

Exercise – by getting out and exercising you are clearing your head and detoxing your body, promoting endorphins which make you feel great. A walk in Nature- walk in a park, forest or by the beach and feel the stress fall away. A great way to calm the nervous system

Mantra – when becoming anxious it is great to have a positive Mantra that you can recite to prevent that’ monkey brain’ festering fear. (I am safe, I am healthy etc) You can recite a poem or verse or sing a song.

Herbal teas – there are a great range of teas you can drink that promote a sense of calm Try lavender, chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, valerian, peppermint and gotu kola ( as always before taking consult your health professional if you have existing conditions or on medication

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So please take care of yourselves and your loved ones in this difficult time. I hope that the information I have provided will offer some assistance and support so you can maintain your health and happiness

Keep calm, keep positive but most of all share the love and help those around you because this is what is going to get us all through!!

Much love,
Mary x

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