Laser Quartz by Lida van den Berg

Laser Quartz

by Lida van den Berg

Crystals have been present as power stones since the early ages. Many leaders of churches and countries have ceremonial staffs and crowns adorned with precious stones. This adornment is symbolic of power and shows that the holder has access to the metaphysical.

The laser is a natural quartz wand/staff which is seen as a symbol of power and enhances the connection with the metaphysical world. When tapped with another crystal the laser emits a melodic sound. The frequency of the laser activates the trans-personal chakras.

The laser quartz can be used to remove toxic frequencies. Lasers are very beneficial when creating a grid or to increase focus.

When needing focus, laser quartz will definitely provide that. Before working with a laser, be clear about your intention. Your intention can range from career through to health.

Generally, working with crystals does not require lengthy rituals, although at times rituals can benefit. When you become aware that a specific crystal is to work with you all that is required is for you to dedicate time. Resist engaging in intellectual research until after you have experienced the crystalline frequencies, which may take several weeks.

  • Place the crystal on your bedside and notice your dreams
  • Regularly meditate holding the crystal (without expectation or desired outcome) and notice your responses
  • Place the crystal on a chakra during your meditation – using your intuition
  • Meditate within a grid created with pre-programmed crystals and laser quartz

Since 1994 Lida van den Berg has continuously taught others about the magical properties of crystals and how to apply them in practical ways.

If you would like to learn more about crystalline frequencies and their numerous applications check out the Crystal Frequencies Course at Qi Crystals.

Lida will be facilitating a Crystal Frequencies Course at Qi on June, 23 & 29 2019

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