Your Home Is Talking To You. What is Yours Saying? By Annette Rudd

Your Home Is Talking To You. What is Yours Saying?

by Annette Rudd

Ok, so let’s start by just clearing up that I don’t mean this literally! More than likely your house is not all up in your grill giving you its thoughts on the federal election and the neighbour’s cat.

But the place you call home is most definitely communicating with you.

Some people who are very sensitive to energy will feel things in some houses and can have some direct communication through one of the “clairs” such as clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. But for those who do not get these types of messages – which may be from other energies coexisting in the home, how do we know what our house is revealing to us about our lives?

I believe homes have an energy and story all of their own. Tuning into this can occur a number of ways. Meditation and contemplation can help you be in a state to hear what the energy of your home is saying in certain rooms. Looking for particular signs in your home is another. For example, excessive clutter is usually a dead giveaway (no pun intended) for stagnant energy. And depending on where this is occurring in your home this could be significantly impacting an area of your life. Water leaks can show us where emotional energy might be pooling or leaking away. Warped wooden floorboards in the front central entry doors (career zone) of my new home literally tripped me up and out of a job that I was finished with but lacking the confidence to leave. I knew this when we moved in but when it happened literally a month later, I was still pretty amazed at what an energetic blueprint our homes can be. And of course, how we are attracted to them as well for reasons of growth.

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has been reinterpreted through the BTB school byGrand Master Professor Lin for western times. It is a way of considering the traditional Chinese 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) and the Yin Yang energy and how they impact how we use, arrange and style our rooms, as well as our very modern issue of clutter.

I present this material in an interactive day workshop where we have time to reflect and learn together. We apply the Bagua Map to help us interpret what areas in our home may need strengthening if we want to attract a relationship, financial resources, a new job etc. You don’t have to own your home to benefit from this. In fact, for renters learning how to work with where you are is important for improving health and happiness. If this interests you, I’d love to see you at my workshop in June or September at Qi Crystals. I can also be contacted for personal consultations. Blessings, Annette

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