Sensitivity – A Blessing or a Curse? by Cindy Melksham

Sensitivity – A Blessing or a Curse?

by Cindy Melksham

If you easily understand how others feel and also feel the emotions of others, you are likely an Empath of Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). You may often find yourself as the “go to” person for people’s issues. People are magnetised to you because they sense you are a caring and nurturing soul.

Many Empaths find themselves in challenging situations where the emotions of others become a burden. For example, you might find yourself becoming overwhelmed at the very thought of being in the presence of a particular family member because when you around them, you feel drained, light-headed, sick to the stomach, or anxious by their circumstances and state of being. If they are physically and/or emotionally unwell you may want to “fix” the situation and feel helpless when you realise you can only guide them and not “save” them.

Toxic work environments are very hard for HSPs to endure. You may feel “crazy” because the conditions appear not to bother others. Know that you are not crazy. Rather, its life’s way of directing you out of the situation and toward work that honours your sensitivity. It may also be that you are being guided to propose changes to the work environment which will benefit yourself and others. If you cannot make changes there and know that it will remain a soul-destroying place to be, make it a priority to leave.

Remember, these challenging people and environments serve an important purpose. They are catalysts for you to awaken to your sensitivity. They gift you with the opportunity to learn about yourself and your role in the world on a deeper level. Please understand that high levels of Empathy, can be a superpower. It may not feel that way if you are constantly drained, run down, and simply hanging on due to current circumstances. Empathy becomes one of your strengths when you are willing to honour your sensitivity and create space to nurture yourself.

Although you are one of many old souls who are here to heal what is wrong with this planet, you are unique. The way you experience your sensitivity will be different from the next person so above all, listen to your inner guide. Everyday ask your sensitivity – What do you need today? Listen and act on what comes up for you. As you learn to honour your uniqueness, you empower yourself to live the life you were born to lead.

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With love,
Cindy Melksham
Energy Healer & Empowerment Coach

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