May Energies: Self-Nurturing by Andrea

May Energies: Self-Nurturing

by Andrea

Dear Heart,

Welcoming in the month of May, and all the restorative energies that this brings.

May is a wonderful time to spend time really caring for the self. Connecting to the energies of self-care, self-nurturing, and whatever this means for you. It could be taking time to make your home more beautiful, making delicious food, potting up some gorgeous plants, and in general taking time for anything deeply restorative and creative.

As we connect more and more to the energies of the month, let’s take a moment to simply disengage from the world, from all the worries, cares, frustrations and overwhelm.

As we do this, let’s allow ourself to feel lighter and lighter, less and less burdened, less and less weighed down.

The angels wish to share with you how honoured and treasured you are. How much they wish to help you and show you ‘the way’. ‘The way’ is the true path. It is the path into the uppermost realms of the heart. Into a place that is deeply protective, nurturing, and sacred. Know that this place is always available for you, there is nothing you need do, other than know at a deep level that you are always welcome here.

The angels know how deeply confusing the world is. How difficult it is to follow your heart. There are so many competing voices, energies, and interests all seeking to distract you.

Please know that solace is always available for you. Beings of light stand at the ready with energies and words of comfort. Energies that are like warm blankets to wrap you up within, so that you may take a break, and then when ready, take action.

It is through the heart that we are able to connect with God, with Divine Presence. So please take a moment to connect to your heart space.

As you do this, know that for the month of May a great deal of orange coloured healing energies are coming in.

Take a moment to breathe this gorgeous deep orange coloured essence, in.

This essence is connected to the Sacral Chakra. You are invited to first breathe this in so that it begins to fill out your entire field. Making your field bigger, stronger – less depleted, less eaten away at by others and their demands.

Breathing deeply as you feel the natural bubble that you are in grow bigger and stronger, more resilient.

This orange essence helps us to feel safe in an unsafe world. It helps us to care for ourself, to create a beautiful environment, or a nourishing meal.

The more we can connect to this orange essence, the more we can detach from all the forces that eat away at us, whether it be bills, other people, or repetitive thoughts. So that instead, we can shore up our divine energy for anything that deeply nurtures, sustains and rewards us.

When you are ready, you are invited to connect more and more to the creative energies of the sacral chakra. The natural desire to grow, shift, expand and create. To be flexible and respond to whatever is at hand. To follow a creative strain of thought or motion effortlessly, allowing it to simply unfold in whatever way it wishes to.

This creative energy links us to the natural world. To the natural plenitude we see all around us. It is evident in life itself – fertile, verdant, alive.

Celebrating this beauty of expression, from the whorls in leaves and petals, to the swirling stars.

The more we can shore up this creative energy, the more we can produce and harvest our own unique fruits.

The sacral chakra is also connected to sexuality and reproductive energies. If you wish, asking for help in connecting to sacred expressions of this. Asking to be shown all the positive and complementary vibrations associated with sexuality and l’amour. Celebrating and enjoying the endocrine and hormonal system and all that it brings. Asking for all of the energies around sexual energy to come into balance, so that they are neither over, nor under, expressed.

The heart longs to share with another, to be with another in sacred union and companionship. However know that this cannot be rushed, nor willed by the mind. The heart will open when it is ready, and in Divine timing. For the moment, let us simply welcome in the energies of sacred relationship, and ask for anything that no longer serves us or honours us in this area to be released and moved out.

So, over the next few weeks let’s connect to the beautiful orange tones and frequencies of the sacral chakra. We may notice a beautiful bird building a nest. Or perhaps the small mammal, digging a suitable hole. Whatever it is, let’s simply take some time to make ourself comfortable in the world. Finding a safe spot so that we are no longer as swayed by external forces which seek to manipulate and undermine our natural beauty. Nurturing the self, nesting, insulating oneself from the demands of others, and inviting in grace to show us the True Way.

Many blessings,


Other Notes:

I am continuing to take a break from Teleconferences and may start doing some short free guided meditations, so stayed tuned!

I am at Qi Crystals every Saturday for meditation and personal appointments.

I have re-embodied my ‘Higher Self’ and have moved past this stage into complete Oneness, or Christ Consciousness. I would be honoured to assist you in any way I can.

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