Manifesting with Sacred Geometry & Crystals with Leela Fernandez

Manifesting with Sacred Geometry & Crystals

with Leela Fernandez

Manifestation is something many of us practice. Either on a daily basis or when we feel the call to intentionally bring something into our lives. It comes in many forms; vision boards, writing, visualisation, lists, affirmations… and so many more, as it is a practice which is extremely empowering and requires a great deal of trust.

I have been practising this art in its many forms for many years and still marvel at its way of working. I have learnt that you get what you ask for and that you need to be careful, as the universe answers your calls, very specifically to how you ask for them. The more specific your request the better, as much detail as possible helps… I’d say I mostly got what I asked for, yet sometimes I was waiting a long, long time.

It was when I started working and painting with sacred geometry that I really began to feel and understand the potency and potential of using sacred geometry as a manifesting tool. The ancient symbols were mesmerising to create and took me to a place I had not experienced before. The drawing of them is quite systematical and mathematical – total left side of the brain activity, yet somehow once the process is in check the brain’s right side of freedom and creativity also engages. Having these designs in my space was both beautiful and powerful.

So how is this connected to manifestation? After beginning to work with the geometry I discovered crystal grids. My love of crystals combined with sacred geometry seemed like something that was too good to be true! Using these two mediums together I learnt was a tool to take manifestation to the next level. So I started to play and was very excited at the processes and results. One thing I had asked for was to attract the right people to a workshop… I filled the house and it was amazing how we all connected and received.

Using the sacred geometry as a kind of mapping to layout the crystals allows them to collaborate and create a collective energy to send out to the universe. You can choose particular crystals for different things you may wish to manifest. ie. use some rose quartz for love, or amethyst for healing. There really are no rules as a very big part of it is intention: create what you want, how you want it… So what does the combination of the geometry and the crystals together do? It speeds up the manifesting process with strong direction and intention. Add in a little meditation and visualisation, and you’ve got yourself a ritual that will empower and change your life.

Leela will be facilitating The Power of Sacred Geometry & Crystal Grids workshop on July 6

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