“I am” empowering affirmations by Alessandra Del Basso

This is my first article as a Practitioner at Qi.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing group of like-minded people”.

For my 1st presence on the newsletter, I have chosen a list of very simple but effective affirmations that can vibrate and ripple good energy in your life.

Affirmations “work” when your emotional reaction to the words matches what you say. In the beginning, this may not be the case because you have lived so long believing you were not any of the following or “tried” with no result or someone told you it is a waste of time.

I can assure you if you have patience and persist you too will see/feel/experience the results in your life.

The reason I know this is because just like you, I too struggled to believe they could work when I started using them. Now they are part of my daily routine.

When you can believe without seeing the result for a while, a subtle energy takes over and brings empowerment and healing in your life.

Take 5 minutes to just be in a quiet place, best at night before going to sleep so they can replace anything that wasn’t enjoyable during the day. Trust even though at first the emotions may not match the words it’s OK it’s your persistence that makes the difference.

” I am love”

” I am joy”

” I am happiness”

” I am safe”

” I am peace”

” I am compassion”

” I am grateful”

” I am confident”

” I am unique”

” I am powerful ”

” I am prosperous”

” I am amazing”

” I am healthy”

” I am gifted”

” I am fabulous”

” I am enough”

” I am special”

” I am strong ”

” I am abundant”

” I am ……….whatever you place after I am that you are!”

Add your own just ensure they start with “I am”, ” I have”, “I can”….etc….as if happening NOW!

Stay positive and choose 1 affirmation to use during the day at any time you feel you are slipping back into that which is not serving your best and highest interest.

Love & light Alessandra

Alessandra starts at Qi from June 5. Every Wednesday, she will be offering NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Tarot & Readings. Click here to read more. 

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