The Crow Anthologies: Conflict by Maurice Katting

The Crow Anthologies: Conflict

by Maurice Katting

Conflict can exist on many levels. When we are riding the waves & we feel we’re in the thick of it, it’s difficult to tell if we are any closer to being out of the storm. This perspective is too engaged to be able to provide reprieve. In that sense, it is faulty and not worth trying to figure out.

What we can do in this space is be detached. Too much focus on trying to solve or force the outcome leads to neurosis and a draining of mental energy. We are not in the space to make the final call and assessment. If anything, it’s surrendering to the fact that there are layers being presented all at once to work through.

When we are bombarded, it is easy to go into victim. Which is often where we conjure up the concept of fairness and justice. Fairness in a sense doesn’t exist. We are trying to base the idea of what’s fair for us to experience based on comparison. We compare our lot in life to the idea of other people’s lives that we perceive from the outside as not being problematic, without any real thought to the kind of struggles those individuals may be facing. It’s comparing apples with oranges. A struggle is a struggle when it’s perceived through the lens of the individual. It’s egotistical of us to negate the pain of another person when we can’t relate to the stress they are experiencing. It’s very easy to compare ourselves to another and speak of how easily we would handle their dilemma. Chances are, someone could look at our struggles we are facing and believe it wouldn’t or shouldn’t be a problem. They haven’t walked in our shoes and we haven’t walked in theirs. And more importantly, their soul lessons and arcs are different to ours, therefore it isn’t our initiation to go through. 

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