June Energies with Andrea

June Energies

with Andrea

Dear Heart,

Welcome to the month of June and all that it brings!

Overall when we look at the energies for June there is a lot of red, passionate energy over the whole month, and a sense of something beginning to flower, open, and bloom.  There could be a great deal of adrenaline or energy around, along with an active mind and new information.  The new information will help shift and reset you into greater balance, and away from polarization.  Please be aware that this passionate, red-hued energy may also bring about a greater degree of aggression and defensiveness.

So let’s assist all of this by taking some time to let go of the old.  Old misunderstandings, misalignments and misperceptions.  Letting go of the old does not necessarily mean letting go of age-old traditions and truths.  Rather, it is letting go of old judgements about oneself.  Judgements that one isn’t good enough, that one doesn’t deserve.  That one is undeserving of love.

What is love?  So many do not really know what this really is.

Love is a warm embrace.  It is being held very tenderly, very softly within the arms of the Divine.

Let’s spend a moment letting everything go…

Letting go of all the old hooks and anchors that hook us into all that does not serve us, into all the old densities and darknesses.

Let’s spend a moment breathing into the solar plexus.  Some may notice that there is a tight point deep within this chakra that keeps pulling us down.  This is a point that pulls us down into darkness.

Let’s also know that this darkness doesn’t necessarily appear as darkness.  It can seem very comforting, very magnetic, very alluring.  It is very good at telling us that we are in the right, when we may actually be quite mistaken.  It is very good at simultaneously elevating us so that we become overinflated, whilst at the same time paradoxically grinding us down.

Whether you can feel it or not, let’s simply ask for help in dissolving it.

Inviting the angelic presences in even closer, knowing that they really are here to help you, to guide you.

Letting go of this fixed point, just like letting go of an ancient and rusty anchor.

Taking another breath as we start to let ourself float.  Floating free, gently supported: protected in every way.

As we let ourself float more and more, let’s allow ourself to be lifted higher and higher.  As we float higher, true Peace can come in for us.  The peace that comes from knowing that all is well no matter what.  That we are loved, no matter what.

Let’s connect to our natural radiance.  Our natural Being-ness of pure gold.

As we do this everything within us begins to open and bloom.  Everything within begins to flower, to turn into grace and pure presence.

Let’s simply continue to let ourself bloom, to open up to Divine guidance, wisdom and truth.  Knowing that we are loved, supported and honoured, all we need do is trust in where the heart wishes to lead us. For the heart wishes to lead us to a beautiful garden, to states of pure expansion and unconditional love. To every aspect of you and your life becoming an exquisite bloom of radiant beauty.

Over the next few weeks, let’s welcome in our true passions, our true loves, and what it is that the heart desires above all else.  There will be greater courage available to us to pursue our passion, to speak our truth, to pursue new information.

We may notice certain aspects of our life beginning to bloom, to take on a radiant hue.  There may be a flowering of certain projects that have been on the back-burner.  Or various relationships may begin to really come into their own.  Or you may notice various creative passions beginning to ignite again.

Every month it becomes easier to know what really is right for us, simply because whenever something isn’t right the path becomes blocked and difficult.  The true path is easier, almost seamless.  Yet, let’s enjoy the blocks, for they help us to identify where the blocks are within ourself.  Let’s not interpret the blocks as the Divine turning away from us.  Rather, let’s use them as an opportunity to send love to whatever it is that has become highlighted.

Many blessings to you in the month ahead as we step into our passions.


News and Updates:

Thank you to Mary for the photo!

June Solstice is nearly here!

It is Saturday 22nd of June, 1:45am Melbourne; Friday 21st of June 4:54pm, London; Friday 21st June, 11:45am, New York.
Solstice is always a wonderful time to check within and notice what has transpired over the last six months.  What has left your life, and what has come in.  It is also a wonderful moment to align ourself with the cycles of nature, and with our true Divine path.

I have started doing some videos!

The first is a short guided meditation on opening the heart.


The second is an overview of what the so-called ‘Fifth Dimension’ is from a spiritual standpoint.


Please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel as I hope to be doing many more of these.  Upcoming topics include Stilling the Mind, Gratitude, Judgement, and much more!

I am at Qi Crystals every Saturday for meditation and personal appointments.

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